Home News Nakhon Thon Hospital opens reservations for ‘Moderna’ vaccines, special round 1 Aug. 1,650 baht per syringe.

Nakhon Thon Hospital opens reservations for ‘Moderna’ vaccines, special round 1 Aug. 1,650 baht per syringe.

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Nakhon Thon Hospital opens a special round of “Moderna” alternative vaccines after someone has waived their rights Failure to pay on time. Open for reservation 1 Aug. 1,650 baht per needle.

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On July 28, 64, reporters reported that Nakornthon Hospital Notify via Facebook page about Reservation of alternative vaccines. Special round. Out of reservation. Urgent. Vaccines are limited. by specifying the reason that Because the hospital has already opened registration and payment for the Moderna vaccine in the past.

In this regard, there are those who have waived their rights Failure to pay on time For this reason, the hospital will open registration for reservations for a special round of Modernna vaccine with payment on August 1, 2021 at 10.00 am onwards or until the specified amount is reached. by having to register and pay via QR Code (on August 1, 64 at 10.00 onwards) price 1,650 baht / needle (limited to purchase no more than 2 needles per person)

Note: Limit the purchase of no more than 2 injections per 1 person because the vaccine is limited. Expected to receive the vaccine during October – December 2021 if the hospital has prepared the vaccine. But the buyer canceled the vaccination for any reason. The hospital will not refund any money.

However, the purchaser can change the vaccination rights for another person instead. This must be given at least 3 days prior to the scheduled date of vaccination. to the public at no cost Reservation for the COVID-19 vaccine of private hospitals is an alternative that people can choose to receive services but have to pay the expenses by yourself

Please refrain from calling. to reserve a line for the patient and emergency patients You can follow the news of the covid vaccine via various communication channels. of the hospital Or if you have any questions, you can chat via the page.

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