Nakornping Hospital warns big brother not to do it the wrong way, risking disease, becoming sterile, eventually having to amputate the younger brother.

Nakornping Hospital reveals case study A 29-year-old man wants a big brother, but goes about it the wrong way and almost has to cut him off. Be warned not to do it the wrong way, it can risk infection, infertility, and most seriously, amputation of the younger brother.

On June 8, the page “Nakhon Phing Hospital” came out to post a message as an example for young men who want to increase the size of their younger brother but are doing it the wrong way. In the end, the brother’s blood clots were almost rotten, with the hospital declaring a yes

“A 29-year-old Burmese man placed a metal ring around the base of his penis for a week believing it would make his penis bigger. Later, the genitals are swollen and dark. The skin is broken and the wound is filled with pus. have pain So swollen that the loop cannot be removed. So he came to check at Nakornping Hospital nakornping Hospital urological surgeon using metal cutting tools Cut the loop and remove it safely. After that, antibiotics and wound treatment were given until the condition improved, allowing the patient to go home.

The surgeon who performed the operation gave more information Wearing a metal ring around the genitals for a long time, as in the case of this patient. it will cause blood and lymph congestion of infected broken skin Lack of blood supply to the genitals leads to permanent loss of sexual function, gangrene, or even amputation. This is a worrying cause as there are still some misconceptions. And these rings can be easily bought online. Including in online channels There are many designs and sizes to choose from.

This is also true for patients who have tried to treat the genitals in various non-medical ways. Whether to spray oil on the genitals Using restraint involves implanting a foreign body in the genitals. which cause dangerous complications such as infected wounds, gangrene, bloodstream infections Revision surgery is also costly. Therefore, we would like to remind people to be careful of the dangers of such actions. If you have sexual health problems you are advised to see a doctor for appropriate advice.”


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