Nam Bo-ra, eldest daughter of 13 siblings, “The 6th younger brother was diagnosed with a developmental disability”

Actress Bora Nam informs her current situation with her younger brother through YouTube
Revealing the daily life of caring for a younger brother diagnosed with a developmental disability

Actress Nam Bo-ra admitted that her sixth sister suffers from a developmental disability. Youtube video capture

Actress Nam Bora admitted that her sixth sister suffers from a developmental disability, making headlines.

On the 1st, Bora Nam drew attention from fans by revealing her current situation through her YouTube channel.

In the released video, Nam Bo-ra said, “My younger brother has a developmental disability, but it was marginal, so he was not given a disability grade.” We carried out tests to accept it,” he said.

Afterwards, Bora Nam and her younger brother, who had recently been diagnosed with a disability, applied for a disability rating and visited the hospital. The way he took good care of his younger brother left a sense of emotion. Developmental disability refers to a case where the developmental level is 25% behind the normal expectation of age due to congenital or cerebral damage during the development process.

On the other hand, through ‘Human Theatre’ and ‘Chorus of Angels’, Nam Bora made her face known as the eldest daughter of a large family of 8 boys and 5 girls. After performing for the first time with ‘Look Back with a Smile’, he appeared in ‘Sunny’, ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Today’s Webtoon’ and ‘The Present is Beautiful’.

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