Nam-wook “Recruiting Kim Man-bae was for the purpose of persuading Lee Jae-myung, and he said he was close with Lee Kwang-jae and Kim Tae-nyeon”

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Attorney Nam Wook attends the first trial on the 25th at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul, regarding the lobbying and favorable treatment of the Daejang-dong development project. /Reporter Han Soo-bin

Attorney Nam Wook said in court that the reason for attracting Kim Man-bae in the early days of the Daejang-dong project was to lobby Lee Jae-myung, the head of the Democratic Party (then Mayor of Seongnam). At the time, CEO Lee was trying to proceed with the Daejang-dong project as a public development, but the purpose was to ask Mr. Kim to persuade him to change it to a private development.

Attorney Nam, who appeared as a witness in the Seoul Central District Court 22nd Department (Presiding Judge Lee Jun-cheol) Criminal Agreement held on the 25th on suspicion of preferential treatment for development in Daejang-dong, revealed this in a cross-examination of attorney Dong-gyu Yoo, former head of planning headquarters of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation.

As Kim Man-bae, the main shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, was last released on the 24th, the trial was held for the first time in about a year since the case began, with all five defendants in custody. In the trial on the 21st, right after his release, Nam’s lawyer had a publicity campaign, saying, “I heard from Mr. Kim,” so the trial that day drew attention to Mr. Kim’s ‘mouth’. However, due to the questioning about Nam’s lawyer, Mr Kim did not get a chance to speak.

Yoo’s side, who was being cross-examined, and Nam’s lawyer, who stood on the witness stand, exchanged questions and answers by mentioning the name ‘Lee Jae-myeong’ as if exchanging tickets in a football match.

During the trial, questions and answers were raised about the background of Mr Kim’s participation in the project, who joined the Daejang-dong project late after not being part of the Wirye New Town project among the ‘Daejang-dong gang’ as the’ to be called. . Attorney Yoo asked, “Did you think Mr. Kim had a close relationship with Mayor Lee Jae-myung and could lobby for private developers?” Attorney Nam said, “I have not heard that Mr. Kim has a personal relationship with Mayor Lee Jae-myung, and he is close to Mayor Lee Jae-myung. I have a close relationship with other influential politicians, so I asked Mr Kim to play a role in persuading the mayor through them. Nam’s lawyer explains that he asked Mr Kim to ‘change Mayor Lee Jae-myeong’s mind’ so that the private sector could proceed with the Daejang-dong project.

When asked, “Who are the influential politicians who have a close relationship with Kim and will they influence Mayor Lee Jae-myung?” Attorney Nam said, “I heard that they are former legislators Lee Kwang-jae, Kim Tae-nyeon, and Lee Hwa-young. Mr Kim said he would persuade the mayor directly through these three people in 2011-2012. However, he said, “I did not directly confirm that Mr. Kim was actually doing such activities.”

Attorney Nam also testified that the establishment of the Seongnam Urban Development Corporation was led by CEO Lee. When lawyer Yoo asked, “Is the establishment of Seongnam Provincial Opening Gong led by Mayor Lee Jae-myeong and promoted with the cooperation of city councilor Choi Yoon-gil?” It is true that (the establishment of the corporation) was carried out by the will of Mayor Lee Jae-myung. ” Attorney Nam said, “We wanted to proceed with the Daejang-dong project, but from Seongnam City’s point of view, Mayor Lee Jae-myung wanted to establish the corporation. I understand that the reason (when the corporation was established) was that it was possible to carry out various projects that Mayor Lee Jae-myeong was thinking about, such as the Wirye project as well as the Daejang-dong project.” Jeon Yu is accused of colluding with lawyer Nam and accountant Jeong Young-hak to lobby the Seongnam City Council and promote the establishment of the Seongnam Provincial Open Corporation in order to give preferential treatment to private business owners who are alleged to have been drive by

Next, former general manager Yoo’s lawyer said, “In that case, wasn’t former general manager Yoo actually involved in drafting the script (establishing Seongnam Provincial Opening Industry)? When asked, “(former boss Yoo) may have served as a messenger for Mayor Lee Jae-myeong, but in reality only Mayor Lee and Representative Choi were involved,” Attorney Nam said, “On all, I know that.”

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