Name Change in Qatar: Name and date of birth can now be changed in Qatar; Through the Methrash-2 app

Doha: Personal information can now be modified online through the Qatari Interior Ministry’s mobile app, Methrash-2. The new system has been introduced in the Methrash-2 app by the Directorate General of Passports in collaboration with the Information Systems Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs. This allows a person to change their name and date of birth online without having to approach the Name Changing Committee of the Directorate General of Passports.

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What documents need to be attached?

From the home page of the Methrosh 2 app, select ‘Residence Services’, click on ‘Change Personal Info’ and select ‘Apply’. After selecting it, enter the Qatar ID number, select the ‘Name Change’ option to change the name and the ‘Date of Birth Change’ option to change the date of birth and provide the required information. A letter stating the reason for the change of name and date of birth, a copy of the passport with the old name, a copy of the passport with the new name and the birth certificate attested by the Ministry of External Affairs should be attached with the application.

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Know the progress of the application process

Upon completion of the registration process you will receive a confirmation message stating ‘Your application has been successfully registered’. The ministry said applications could only be submitted from within Qatar. The app also has a system to track the progress of the application after it has been submitted. Select the ‘Follow up applications’ option and enter the ID number or the applicant’s name to know the current status of the application.

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Should be advertised in the newspaper

After receiving the message ‘Application Approved’, you will receive an e-mail in the form of an advertisement in the newspaper stating that the name and date of birth will be changed. It should be advertised in any newspaper accredited by the Government of Qatar. The renaming process is completed 14 days after the ad is published with a copy attached. You can easily attach a copy of the ad in the newspaper using the ‘Upload Newspaper Memo’ option in the app. The newspaper and language to be advertised should be selected according to the country in which the identity card is registered. Once the name change process is complete, the applicant will receive a related message. The Home Ministry has said that children under the age of seven do not need newspaper advertisements.

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