Namgoong Min, SBS, MBC Drama Awards… 8 trophies in ‘Clothes Sleeve'[종합]


Actor Namgoong-min won the grand prize at the ‘2021 MBC Acting Awards’ following last year’s SBS. He once again proved his title as an ‘trustworthy actor’ based on his solid acting skills.

The ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’, which aired on the afternoon of the 30th, was conducted exclusively by MC Kim Seong-ju for two consecutive years.

The strong nominees for the grand prize on this day were condensed to ‘Black Sun’ Namgoong-min and ‘sleeves red tip’ Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young. Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young were awarded the Best Actor and Actress awards, and Namgoong-min was chosen by MBC. It was the first button to break the start of the MBC Friday-Saturday drama and escape from the drama’s sluggishness, and it was the result of his high effort, who spared no effort in acting by increasing his weight by 10 kg to digest the role of Han Ji-hyeok, the top field agent of the National Intelligence Service.

Namgoong-min recalled, “It was a while ago, but I participated in the ‘MBC Acting Awards’. He continued, “Thank you for giving me such a big award. I talked to the director on the phone two months before filming for the drama and prepared for the filming. I think I was able to finish it well thanks to you. Thank you to the staff and actors who participated in the drama. When I go, I try to prepare meticulously, but I couldn’t prepare everything for ‘Black Sun’ because there were so many things to prepare. But all the actors on set were with ‘Black Sun’ characters. My body and mind were very tired. But thanks to that, I was able to shoot with all my strength until the end,” he said, with tears in his eyes, expressing his gratitude. He also did not forget the message to his lover Jin Ah-reum. Namgoong-min showed off his lover, saying, “I love you and thank you for always being by my side, beautiful.”

'2021 MBC Drama Awards' ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’

The most wins at the ‘MBC Acting Awards’ was ‘red sleeves’. It won a total of 8 awards, including Drama of the Year Award, Male and Female Best Acting Award, Best Couple Award, Achievement Award, Writer Award, Female Supporting Actor Award, and Male Rookie Award. ‘Black Sun’ stayed in 5 crowns that fell short of this.

Lee Jun-ho, who won the Best Acting Award, said, “Since the drama is so popular, my expectations keep growing because I’m a human being. But every time I did some self-reflection about whether I was acting worthy of an award. The first time I received an award (other than a singer) was It was the Excellence Award in ‘Chief Kim’. At that time, I was too far away to enjoy the good atmosphere, and I remember seeing the ground and giving my impressions. He expressed his joy. Lee Se-young, who proved the modifier of ‘historical drama invincible’, also said, “Thank you to the viewers for being with us. We will do our best in the future so that that time is not wasted.”

The Best Couple Award, decided by viewers’ votes, was awarded to Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young for ‘Red Sleeves’ without any surprises. Lee Se-young exuded pleasant energy, shouting, “I really wanted to receive this, but I am happy and grateful to receive it this way. Thank you to the fans who have supported and watched us. All this is thanks to Wang oppa. Lee San-chan.” Lee Jun-ho said, “Actually, I have a history of the past. I received the Best Male Couple Award with Namgoong-min here, and I am honored to receive this (Best Couple Award) together with Se-young. (With Namgoong-min) It’s strange. It’s thanks to Se-young. As an atmosphere maker on the set, he helped me to have fun while filming. Thank you.”

Reporter Hwang So-young, Entertainment News Team (Content Business Headquarters)

▶ Hereafter, the winners of the ‘2021 MBC Drama Awards’ (work)

Target: Namgoong-min (Black Sun)
Drama of the Year: Red cuffs
Best Acting Award Miniseries: Lee Jun-ho (Red Sleeves), Lee Se-Young (Red Sleeves)
Best Actor Award in a Daily Serial Drama: Cha Seo-won (Second Husband), Oh Hyeon-Kyung (Second Husband)
Best Couple Award: Lee Jun-ho and Lee Se-young (red sleeves)
Excellence Award, Miniseries: Lee Sang-yeop (Only Without Going Crazy), Jang Young-nam (The Black Sun)
Excellence Award, Single Act: Jung Moon-seong (Moebius: Black Sun), Kim Hwan-hee (I have a goal)
Achievement Award: Lee Deok-hwa (red cuffs)
Best Writer: Jung Hae-ri (red sleeves)
Best Supporting Actor: Kim Do-hyeon (The Black Sun), Jang Hye-jin (Red Sleeves)
Rookie of the Year Award: Kang Hoon (red sleeves), Kim Ji-eun (Black Sun)


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