Namgoong-min’s ‘Lovers’ Tops TV and OTT Drama Charts for Third Consecutive Week

Actor Namgoong-min Delighted to Win Top Spot in ‘Lovers’

By Haeseon Han | September 5, 2023 | 17:55

Photo: Namgoong Min

Popular actor Namgoong-min expressed his delight after his drama ‘Lovers’ clinched the top spot in TV-OTT drama and overall non-drama anxiety rankings last week. On September 5th, Namgoong-min took to social media to share the news and thank his fans for their support.

‘Lovers’ tells the story of Lee Jang-hyun, a mysterious man who falls in love with Yoo Gil-chae, the daughter of a nobleman. The drama has been praised for its compelling storyline and stellar performances.

At the recent ‘Lovers’ production presentation, Namgoong-min exuded confidence in the drama’s success. The first part of ‘Lovers’ concluded with its tenth episode on September 2nd, with the second part set to air in October.

According to the latest rankings by TV timeliness analysis agency Good Data Corporation, ‘Lovers’ experienced a 76.2% growth in viewership compared to the previous week. The drama topped the combined OTT and timeliness rankings, becoming the most talked-about program for three consecutive weeks. It also held the highest spot for Friday and Saturday dramas for four consecutive weeks.

Namgoong-min, the lead actor of ‘Lovers’, secured the undisputed first place in the drama performers’ timeliness rankings for four consecutive weeks. Co-star Ahn Eun-jin came in second place for three consecutive weeks, displaying their strong on-screen chemistry. The drama also garnered significant attention in terms of media coverage, video views, online posts/comments, and search responses.

This extraordinary success has solidified ‘Lovers’ as a drama with a passionate and devoted fanbase.

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Reporter Haeseon Han | 2023.09.05 17:55

/Photo = Namgoong Min
Actor Namgoong-min was delighted to win the top spot in the subject ‘Lovers’.

On the 5th, Namgoong-min captured and released the results of the MBC drama ‘Lovers’, which won first place in TV-OTT drama and total non-drama anxiety last week.

Namgoong-min expressed his joy at the good performance of ‘lovers’ by marking the first letter with a heart.

Namgoong-min played the role of Lee Jang-hyun, a mysterious man who appeared as Neunggun-ri in ‘Lovers’. Lee Jang-hyun fell in love with Yoo Gil-chae (played by Ahn Eun-jin), the first daughter of a nobleman, Yoo Gyo-yeon, and showed ‘straight love’ and even proposed to her, but the situation made a conflict. viewers are concerned.

At the ‘Lovers’ production presentation, Namgoong-min said, “I am confident” about the box office success of the work. Part 1 of ‘Cariadon’ ended in episode 10 on the 2nd, and Part 2 is to be broadcast in October.

According to the timeliness rankings of TV timeliness analysis agency Good Data Corporation published on the 4th, ‘Lovers’ (played by Hwang Jin-young, director Kim Seong-yong, Lee Han-joon, and Cheon Su-jin) increased 76.2% compared to the previous week, ranking first in OTT combined drama and timeliness. , The timeliness of all programs came out on top for 3 weeks in a row, and the timeliness of Friday and Saturday dramas was first for 4 weeks in a row.

In terms of timeliness among drama performers, Namgoong-min, the lead actor of ‘Lovers’, took the undisputed first place for 4 consecutive weeks. Ahn Eun-jin came in second for three consecutive weeks, Lee Chung-ah in 9th place, and Kim Yun-woo (played by Yang Eum) in 10th place. ‘Lovers’ proved its syndrome-like popularity by taking first place in the number of news articles, number of video views, number of VON posts/comments, and number of search responses in the drama category.

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