Namita shares a letter she wrote to her father when she was young…

Namitha Pramod is an actress who stepped from the small screen to the silver screen. Although she played a prominent role in ‘Traffic’, she made her debut as a heroine in Sathyan Anthikad’s film ‘Puthiya Thiramal’. Namitha came to the new shores in the role of a common woman. Now the actor is busy with a handful of films. Now, the actress is sharing a letter she wrote to her father when she was young. The actress shared the letter along with a heartfelt note for her mother and father’s wedding anniversary.

,This letter was written by me in Paru when my father was working in Qatar. It was a time when my mother would write letters expressing her love for my father, and I would wait tirelessly to write how much I missed him with my first hero pen. I vividly remember that Paru and I were struggling with severe allergies when I was writing this letter. However, we did not inform the father of any of the problems we faced during that time. My mother was brought to tears when she showed me this letter written to me ages ago.

Tomorrow is their 27th wedding anniversary. We are very blessed to have you both as our parents.. Thank God for giving you to us. We did not come from a high family. However, the tremendous efforts made by our parents have brought us to the current situation. We promise Paru and I’ll be by your side through all the ups and downs. Extended Birthday Wishes for Dad and Mom .. ‘Now you know why I always talk about my family’.

Active on social media, Namitha Pramod also shares dance videos from time to time. Apart from dance videos, Namitha also shares movie details and family details. Namitha Pramod is one of the young actresses in Malayalam cinema. ‘Al Mallu’ is Namitha’s latest theatrical release. Newcomer Faris will play the lead role in the film. The film also stars Mia, Siddique, Mithun Ramesh, Dharmajan Bolgatti, Sheelu Abraham, Sinil Zainuddin, Varada and Jennifer in the lead roles.

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