nan-padma-lekshmi- shares-pictures | Bedsheets and pillowcases with ‘Nan’ … Video


There are so many different types of videos that keep coming to us through social media. Many of these may be facts and some may be jokes. But two days ago, TV presenter and writer Padma Lakshmi shared a picture on Twitter. ‘Top Chef’ is the most popular show in America. Padmalakshmi is gaining popularity as an introduction to this.

They also love Indian cuisine. That is why Padma shared a picture of a bed sheet on the model of a popular food in India on Twitter.

Bed sheets and pillowcases in the ‘Nan’ style are the most ordered when Indians go to restaurants. This is not really clear. The image went viral on social media though.

With this, many people are sharing Padma’s funny picture again. Childhood is the ‘nostalgia’ of most people who imagine the walls, curtains and furniture of the house with their favorite dishes. The picture shared by Padma is reminiscent of the same thing. The film received many interesting comments. .


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