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‘Net Reason Kim Ji Wins’
Celebrities with tattoos
Nana’s full body tattoo and public appearance
Han Ye-seul, ♥ Couple tattoo with boyfriend 10 years younger
‘Tattoo Removal’ Han So-hee “The past me and the present me ‘me'”
Three people who do not hesitate to express themselves

Actress Nana / Photo = Deg Asia DB

‘Net Reason Kim Ji Wins’
Kim Ji-won, a reporter for Ten Asia, selects the grain in OTT only, such as Netflix and Teabing, which are full of numerous contents. From must-see masterpieces to highly anticipated new works, we recommend works that can be enjoyed in the front row of every corner.

A tattoo is one of the ways to express one’s individuality and values. However, after etching, it is not easy to erase. Although the look of tattoos has become more generous, a negative image remains. Bold star tattoos are often a hot topic. Recently, Nana surprised everyone by appearing in public with a full body tattoo, and Han So-hee received a lot of attention when it was revealed that she had a tattoo and then removed it.

Nana appeared in a little black dress at the production report held recently for the film ‘Confession’. On this day, Nana became a hot topic rather than a movie because she appeared with tattoos all over her body.

There were snakes, stars, birds, and smiles on his right arm, spiders, spider webs, and Batman on his left arm, and leaves and foliage on his collarbone and chest. The tattoos stretched from the thighs to the legs and ankles. The number 1968 and letters, flowers and leaves are engraved on the right leg, and geometric patterns are engraved on the left leg. In addition, on the right thigh, a flower was drawn that continues in a straight line.

Fans speculated that Nana was not a tattoo but a semi-permanent henna. Since Nana wore henna for the filming of Netflix’s ‘Glitch’ last year, that was probably also the reason for preparing for a new job this time. As for whether Nana’s full body tattoo is a tattoo or henna, her agency Pledis said, “It’s hard to confirm,” saying, “It’s an artist’s private life.”

Photo = Han Ye-seul's YouTube video capture

Photo = Han Ye-seul’s YouTube video capture

Last spring, Han Ye-seul got a ‘couple tattoo’ with her boyfriend who was a theater actor who was 10 years younger than him. Both had tattoos of ‘rebirth’ written on the inside of their right wrists. Through her YouTube channel, Han Ye-seul said, “A new year always brings new opportunities and you can be reborn. (New Year) has meaning to me.” Han Ye-seul, who had tried couple tattoos with her boyfriend for the first time, said, “I’ve wanted to do couple tattoos for a long time and I’ve been struggling. I’m very satisfied with the design, size, and everything.

In addition to this couple tattoo, Han Ye-seul already has several tattoos on her body. From tattoos engraved with a life credo, to tattoos that contain the meaning of truth and religion found in life, they include their own experiences and values. The three swords carved into the breastbone also symbolize strength, courage and protection (shield). Han Ye-seul symbolizes the words of self-defense with a sword and engraved them.

Han So-hee / Photo = Online community

Han So-hee / Photo = Online community

If Nana and Han Ye-seul got a tattoo and became a hot topic, Han So-hee removed the tattoo and became a hot topic. At the time when JTBC’s ‘The World of the Married’ was under the spotlight, a post titled ‘Before the start of Han So-hee’ became a hot topic in an online community.

Through the photos, we can see that Han So-hee had tattoos in the past and then removed them. He had a large tattoo on his arm in the previous photo. In an interview after the drama ended, Han So-hee responded firmly, “I thought the work was done well and became a problem, so I was interested even in my previous appearance .” He continued, “I was who I was then, and I am who I am now. It’s not that I was wrong then, that’s why I live well. Weight and pressure seem to coexist,” he said.

Actresses who do not hesitate to express themselves with tattoos. Let’s look at the works where you can feel the charm of the confident people. ‘Five! Master’ (2021)

'Five!  Master poster / photo courtesy of MBC, Photos No. 3

‘Five! Master poster / photo courtesy of MBC, Photos No. 3

‘Five! “Master” is a pink cohabitation romance between man Bi-soo Han (Lee Min-ki), a man who is ‘not’ in a relationship, and woman Oh Joo-in (Nana) who ‘fails’ in a relationship. relationship. Oh Joo-in is a rock-queen actress who is loved by men in Korea. Han Bi-soo is the best drama writer who hits the jackpot just by writing it. In contrast to her beautiful appearance, Oh Joo-in is an easy-going woman who enjoys kickboxing as a hobby, and Han Bi-soo is the best thriller writer in Korea, but a nosy perfectionist who lives in his own taste. Unintentionally, a man and a woman who are different in everything from gender to personality began to live together to make a play together. Two polar opposites. When Oh Joo-in was imprisoned by a stalker, Han Bi-soo rescued them, and the two grew closer while living in the same house.

Nana added liveliness to the character with cool dialogue processing and delicious facial expressions. It also exuded a lovely charm in line with the ‘Rocco Queen’ character setting. In addition, the realistic expression of the heartwarming emotion as it slowly penetrated from the other side was for the audience to immerse themselves in the play. ‘Birth of Beauty’ (2014) | a wave

‘Birth of a Beauty’ is a romantic comedy drama where a woman who lost everything due to her husband’s betrayal is reborn as a beauty through full body plastic surgery that changed her life just before her death, correcting her life and gaining love and success . . Sa Geum-ran, played by Han Ye-seul, is a judo housewife who can easily handle one or two men in one fight. Abandoned by her husband, she crashes as a result of a fall, but survives with her indomitable will. Determined that he cannot end his life this way, he undergoes plastic surgery risking his life and is reborn as ‘Gyeonggukjisaek’. Change her name to ‘Sarah’.

Han Ye-seul brings the character to life with her jumping charm. Seeing Sarah find true love after overcoming all kinds of hardships and having a strong mindset makes viewers angry. ‘Soundtrack #1’ (2022) | Disney+

'Soundtrack #1' poster / photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

‘Soundtrack #1’ poster / photo courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

The Disney+ original series ‘Soundtrack #1’ is a musical romance where a man and a woman who have been best friends for 20 years get to know each other while staying in the same house for two weeks. The bittersweet relationship between photographer Han Seon-woo (Park Hyung-sik) and aspiring writer Lee Eun-soo (Han So-hee), who go back and forth between love and friendship, is a work that evokes sympathy

Han Seon-woo, ‘boyfriend’ and Eun-soo Lee, ‘female friend,’ hesitated before losing their friendship even though they knew their feelings for each other. As time passes, they both realize how valuable they are to each other and develop into a relationship that is more than just a friend. Han So-hee, who has mainly played intense and harsh roles such as ‘The World of the Married’ and ‘My Name’, gives freshness with a beautiful and lively appearance in ‘Soundtrack #1’.

By Kim Ji-won, staff reporter for Ten Asia

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