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Nancy Lang’s divorce feels unlocked, with 900 million debts

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Pop artist Nancy Lang revealed the feelings of divorce from Wang Jin-jin (Jeon Joo Joo).
On the afternoon of the 19th, Nancy Lang held a press conference for the solo exhibition of’Scarlet Fairy’ at Jinsan Gallery, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.
In this exhibition, he presents 17 pieces, including the’Scarlet’ series, in which flowers and robots are contrasting. ‘Scarlet’ was inspired by Roland Zoffé’s movie The Scarlet Letter.
Nancy Lang said, “It’s a film about a woman suffering from stigma, and I suffered all the pain that women could suffer, such as public blackmail and assault on Revenge,” and said, “As an artist, I asked about the irrational pain that women around the world suffer as an artist. I tried to throw it.”
He confessed his feelings about divorce, saying, “I hear that my face has improved these days. After the divorce judgment was finalized, the lawyer worked hard. I didn’t know that the divorce ruling would take so long. It feels like the shackles of divorce have been released.”
Earlier, Nancy Lang filed a marriage report with Mr. Wang in December 2017, but in October of the following year, she announced her intention to divorce and filed a lawsuit. In the process, special assault, injury, intimidation, imprisonment, coercion, property damage, etc.
Meanwhile, Nancy Lang will resume broadcasting activities along with this exhibition.
Nancy Lang said that her ex-husband’s debt debt of 800 million won is about 980 million won.
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