Home Entertainment Naow Tissanat and New Wongsakorn show off each other’s cutest moments.

Naow Tissanat and New Wongsakorn show off each other’s cutest moments.

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Naow Tissanat wield New Wongsakorn Show off each other’s cutest moments. Hello Superstar 3:30 p.m. Channel 7

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TV program

Channel 3

04.40 a.m. Digital Thailand I brought you to listen to information about using your ID card to be safe, correct and not be harmed by thieves.

7:20 a.m. crave Meet two young men, Yin-War, take them to Café Hopping, 3 trendy shops in 3 styles.

5:15 p.m. The Fandom This week is a duel with air batons that requires mindfulness to spin the cricket. and the strength to run to hit the opponent

8:30 p.m. revenge of love Tech, in the body of Wat, is still being hunted by a single gang. until almost lifeless

10:55 p.m. Hunt for savage numbers… don’t tell at all. while going home Nathan is immediately followed by a colleague to check on a young woman. who has a bad past

Channel 5

09.00 a.m. Thai people, heart is not discouraged. VIDEO CALL Talk to the village headman of Ban Non Kok, Udon Thani Province, Ajarn Ton or Apichat Polbuakhai, who is fond of the story of the fabric as the original capital. And it has led to the restoration and extension of the way of life of weaving people in the community. through dyeing the fabric with red lotus petals and invent new fabric patterns until becoming known nationally

Channel 7

09.00 a.m. love overflow Noo Rung learned that Sae had set himself up as a doctor who told him lucky numbers and sold overpriced lottery tickets, so he told Sae to stop selling

12.00 Iron Chef Chef Art will come up with some cool strategies to fight Chef Corn and Chef Pae. Stay tuned and watch.

3:30 p.m. Hello Superstar The beautiful actress, Nao-Tisanat, Khuang New-Wongsakorn, sweetheart, came to show off each other’s cute moments.

18.00 Lukthung Idol Awaken the Lukthung Idol stage on fire with new episodes, new rules! Crush all emotional scenes Challenge to prove that you are a Real Artist that never stops developing.


09.30 a.m. travel to the end of the world Take it out to find new inspiration. From home decor ideas and lifestyle items at Siam Discovery

11.45 a.m. salivating culture Gather the highlights of delicious food from the northeastern region for each other. From local wisdom to seasonal food Ancient food is about to disappear. to Isan-style snacks

Channel 9

18.00 Mae Nak Phra Khanong Come and visit the boxing stadium to see the fight of the important couple between Jae and Ai Sing

22.00 penetrate the heart Meet Billy Ogan, who has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, delving into life’s stories and various experiences that have come into her life. Whether it’s patience, effort, as well as stories of success and failure that have been met

Mono 29

08.05 a.m. big heart Hilarious adventure story of a master thief plotting to steal the rarest artifact. but finds himself entangled in a multinational conspiracy

10.25 a.m. White House’s Strongest Woman, Year 6 Chapter 3 Elizabeth Must Make Some Important Decisions About the United Nations

18.00 Clouds hit the world When the Earth’s climate control satellite is damaged causing the global climate to change and when two brothers Travel up to repair satellites in space. What they discovered was a plot to assassinate the US president. hidden behind this disaster

10:45 p.m. Pennyworth Delve into the story of Alfred Pennyworth, the Wayne butler. Another important character Before stepping in to take care of the Batman of Gotham City.

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