Naphat, turn on the light, turn on the heart Have a cute Christmas-New Year

As well as opening his heart to fall in love with a friend called Baifern Pimchanok, Mr Naphat also joins in turning on the lights to welcome the “2023 LIGHT CELEBRATION” of Christmas and New Year in the same event.

CELEBRATION OF LIGHTS 2023, Central Pattana Public Company Limited held on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, invites Sutee Thongyam, Governor of Nonthaburi Province. He presided over the opening ceremony together with Amornrat Banyongsin from Central Pattana and Mr. Naphat Siangsomboon, a famous hero, joins to celebrate the opening of the lights to start the festival of happiness. at Central Westgate shopping centre

Apart from having the tallest giant Christmas tree in Nonthaburi. With a height of more than 15 meters, there is also a sign-in photo spot. With cute characters from LINE FRIENDS, such as the BROWN room, CONY room, CHOCO room and SALLY room, come and create a colorful landmark of Nonthaburi people. from today until 6 January 2023

For the funny edition of the male protagonist who opened his heart to an interview during this event It’s a trend that has been trending on Twitter for several days.

Nai said of the fern that When they were friends, they were real friends and I always thought they probably didn’t like people like us. Until we go through a lot of things, we feel it’s time to end our friendship. Until P’Num Kanchai spoke to open the way for

“Thank you very much Brother Young. He must have sensed the feelings I had overwhelmed,” said Mr.

“I’ll be honest, I was embarrassed and very embarrassed. But it’s a good feeling that he knows very well, I think we’ve come out to say. We want to honor him I want to treat him like a beautiful woman like everyone else. What have you been able to eat? What did you openly do, that’s all you thought. This is considered to be my first step where I started to cross the line of friends. But move on. I honestly am not sure how it will be. I’d like to leave everyone to help and encourage too.”

The heroine Baifern showed no further reaction. In addition to just laughing and smiling as Mr. Naphat reveals, in social media The photo posted on IG on December 1 is still a modeling event for the Onitsuka tiger brand, where the main character a young woman poses with an open shoulder until the fans tease her whether she agrees to open her heart to Naphat or not.

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