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Napoli have lost! Inter smashed to stop points to help Milan indirectly

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“Azzura” Napoli suffered their first defeat in the league game when they faced Inter Milan, who were led before a three-mad lead, ended up winning 3-2 to help city rivals AC Milan. Stop scoring, but the visiting team are still leading the crowd due to the goals – better than in the Italian Serie A football match on Sunday night, November 21 past.

Stadium : Giuseppe Meazza

Italian Serie A football match on Sunday, November 21, past “Azzura” Napoli has a good opportunity to move up to the top of the singles, Luciano Spatletti, almost wearing the same players. “Insignia – Osimhen” with a tumultuous host “Python” Inter Milan are expected to have three points. To squeeze the gap with the leading team, Simone Inzaghi slightly adjusted the army, “Dzeko” sits on the bench, while “Joaquin Correa” is the starting pair “Lautaro Martinez”.

The visiting team took the opportunity before Fabian Ruiz dropped a shot half past the goal. Unfortunately, the ball was caught by Samir Handanovic, shortened to the first post on the left. The first six minutes of this match

Napoli Henan in the 17th minute, Nicolo Barella was hit and lost the ball. Victor Osimhen retreated to touch shortly quickly to Lorenzo Insigne, snatching a single wad to see the empty space. In the circle in front of the penalty area, Pietro Zilinski stomped with the right foot, the ball hit the net with precision, Azzura invaded 1-0.

Nicolo Barella’s shot hit Kalidou Koulibaly, who had blocked the ball. The referee ran to see VAR. Decided to give a penalty to Python, Hakan Chalhanoglu volunteered to kill the score 1-1 in the 25th minute.

The home team made it in the 43rd minute, Nicolo Barella snatched the ball across the field of the visiting team. Before looking at the distance, the ball was attached to save Mr. Azura Dan. But a few moments later, Ivan Perisic swooped into the left corner, David Ospina brushed off, but the ball had crossed the line. After the first half, Inter took the lead 2-1.

Hakan Calhanoglu comes off to the left. Referred to cut into the first half, Lautaro Martinez shot down the water, David Ospina fell in time to turn around. The visiting team survived a quick concession at the beginning of the second half in the 47th minute.

Herving Lazano received the ball and dragged Alessandro Bastoni, flowing to the left two columns, passing the ball through Samir Handanovic’s hand, but there was still Milan Skriniar. Cleared back three minutes later.

The Nerazzurri dropped 3-1 in the 61st minute, with Joaquin Correa dribbled from his own field. come up in front of the penalty area Before ejecting the ball to the right for compatriot Lautaro Martinez to bounce the ball back down to the second post. Even though the visiting team tried to brush off, but couldn’t get away with the python torn away 3-1

Entering the last twenty minutes, Ivan Perisic hopes to break his own second goal. Discussed dragged before slashing for the first post on the left, this time David Ospina did not let him fall in his hands.

Edin Dzeko came off the bench to take control of the ball, but Kalidou Koulibaly poked her foot in the direction of Dries Mertens, who had just come down to spin the ball in front of the penalty area, and grabbed Samir Han’s hand. Danovic netted Azzura 2-3 in the 79th minute.

The visiting team almost did 90+1 injury time, Giovanni Di Lorenzo put the ball high into the left penalty area, Mario Rui sneaked to drop the header, press the ground, but Samir Handanovic used Incredible hand swept across the crossbar. At the end of the game, Inter Milan defeated Napoli 3-2, and the visiting team were still top of the table despite their first defeat of the season.

List of players on the field

Inter Milan (3-5-2): Samir Handanovic, Milan Skriniar, Andrea Ranocchia, Alessandro Bastoni, Matteo Darmian, Nicolo Barella (Federico DiMarco, 75), Marcelo Brozovic, Hakan Calhanoglu (Arturo Vidal, 61), Ivan Perisic (Martin Satriano, 88), Joaquin Correa (Edin Dzeko, 61), Lautaro Martinez (Roberto Giardini, 75)

Napoli (4-2-3-1): David Ospina, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Emir Rahmani, Kalidou Koulibaly, Mario Rui, Andre Sambo Anguissa, Fabian Ruiz, Hirving Lazano (Elief Elmas 75 p.), Pietro Zilinski, Lorenzo Insigne (Dries Mertens, 75), Victor Osimhen (Andres Petanya, 54)

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