Narae Park, current status after knee surgery… “I’m the thinnest I’ve ever been” (I live alone)

‘I live alone’ Park Na-rae urgently recruits the ‘Samcheok duo’ Kian 84 and Hae-joon Kim to harvest persimmons. Gian 84 rushes to the ‘Narae House’ in one step, saying, “If Narae wants help, I have to go.”

MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ (directed by Huh Hang, Lee Min-ji, and Kang Ji-hee), airing at 10:50pm on the 25th, will reveal Park Na-rae, Gian 84, and Kim Hae – jun’s ‘Persimmon Harvest’.

Na-rae Park reveals the current status of leg rehabilitation exercise following knee surgery on this day. Park Na-rae, who was in pain from walking to stretch her legs, plans to surprise everyone by focusing on the level (?) momentum of the Taereung Athletes Village at ‘Narae Gym’. In particular, Park Na-rae looks in the mirror and says that she is satisfied (?) with “the slimmest legs in my life”, making us curious about her appearance.

Narae Park asks for help from Gian 84 and Haejun Kim, the ‘Samcheok duo’, to harvest open persimmons from a large persimmon tree in the yard. Gian 84, who arrived early, said, “I came because Narae needed a hand. If Narae wants help, he has to come.” It raises curiosity about whether the line of Narae and Gian 84 or ‘Naraegi’ can be called thumb after a long time.

Next, Kim Hae-joon appears with a ladder wrapped around his shoulder and exudes a demonic sexual workforce, sniping Park Narae’s taste. With this, Kian 84 and Hae-joon Kim, who once again formed a ‘worker duo’ following the trip to Samcheok, conduct a persimmon harvest mission with Narae Park. The two people, who were shocked by their low-quality beach volleyball skills during the Samcheok duet earlier, are curious about what the breathing will be like.

This week, ‘I Live Alone’ meets viewers 20 minutes earlier than usual following the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The persimmon harvest of Park Na-rae, Gian 84, and Kim Hae-joon can be confirmed through ‘I Live Alone’, which airs at 10:50pm on the 25th.

Meanwhile, ‘I Live Alone’ is a single life trend leader show that shows the colorful rainbow lives of single home stars and is loved by many.

Baek Seung-hoon / Photo courtesy of MBC

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