Narae Park Everyone is holding a glass of wine, but only juice… Current status after cruciate ligament tear surgery DEG

Photo = Na-rae Park Instagram

Comedian Parc Na-rae broke the news.

Park Na-rae posted a photo on her Instagram on the 18th with the caption, “#Restaurant in line #Shin Yongsan, nice and wonderful people…#juice in my hand”.

In the published photo, actress Lee Yoon-ji and YouTuber Short-mouthed Sun-nim, and Park Na-rae were sitting together. He holds a glass of juice instead of wine, attracting attention.

Meanwhile, Park Na-rae is currently appearing in MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’, ‘Save Holmes’, and tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’. He recently tore his cruciate ligament in an accident while filming a commercial and underwent surgery.

Seo-yoon Kim, staff reporter for Tenasia

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