Naraka: Bladepoint Expands Player Base and Enters New Era with Free-to-Play Model and Collaborations

Naraka: Bladepoint: A Game Transformed, Expanding Player Base and Collaborating with Famous Series

Big Changes and Future of Naraka: Bladepoint

This summer has marked a significant turning point for the highly popular oriental-flavored multiplayer action game Naraka: Bladepoint. The game has not only embraced a free-to-play model, opening its doors to a wider audience, but it has also ventured into the realm of PlayStation consoles. Furthermore, 24 Entertamient games has forged exciting collaborations with renowned video game series, including NieR. In a recent interview, Raylan Kwan, the game’s brand manager, shed light on the present state of Naraka: Bladepoint, their approach to this new era, and what lies ahead for eager fans.

One of the major driving forces behind the studio’s decision to adopt a free-to-play model was the game’s remarkable success over the past few years. Launching on the PlayStation system allowed the player base to experience unparalleled growth. Kwan proudly shared, “We are thrilled to celebrate 20 million players worldwide. This milestone has given us the confidence to remove the paywall and generously give back to the community.” Furthermore, the game has seen a significant increase in concurrent users on Steam. In fact, Naraka: Bladepoint was bestowed with the prestigious title of Gamer’s Choice for PlayStation in July.

While the team undoubtedly has faith in the digital landscape, they also recognize the crucial importance of delivering top-notch content to ensure the game’s longevity. Kwan shared insights into the ongoing endeavors of the development team, revealing that they are currently hard at work crafting a third map for Naraka: Bladepoint. Moreover, a promising commitment has been made to the dedicated community. Kwan confidently stated, “Moving forward, we have made it our pledge to provide even more content, surpassing the quality we have delivered in the past two years.”

Excitingly enough, players can already immerse themselves in the captivating world of Naraka: Bladepoint on various platforms, including PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

This summer, the oriental-flavored multiplayer action game Naraka: Bladepoint made a big leap forward by becoming free-to-play and expanding its player base by launching the game on PlayStation consoles. In addition, 24 Entertamient games has also explored collaborations with other famous video game series, such as NieR. With the recent announcement of a crossover of characters, skins, weapons and accessories from the works of Yoko Taro, Raylan Kwan, the game’s brand manager, chatted with us about the current state of the game, how they are approaching this new era , and what we can expect from the future of Naraka: Bladepoint awaits.

In the interview, Kwan confirmed that the game’s success over the past few years has encouraged the studio to move towards a free-to-play model, with the player base expanding significantly after launching on the PlayStation system. “We are celebrating 20 million players worldwide. This number gives us the confidence to stop the paywall and give back to the community,” he added. “We have doubled the number of concurrent users on Steam.
We were chosen as Gamer’s Choice for PlayStation in July.

With confidence in digital, the team does not forget that for the game to survive, it must continue to provide high quality content.

“Currently, the team is also working on a third map for Naraka Game Point. For the future, we have committed to our community that we will provide more content. Even better than we have in the last two years.

You can play Naraka: Bladepoint now on PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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