Narrowly escaped being stabbed by a ‘tree branch’!!!

(Photo credit from Lee NH Police Facebook page)

Narrowly escaped being stabbed by a ‘tree branch’!!!

meet ‘Fabulous accident’

And yet’leave alive’wait to say

Show that it must ‘Much merit’!!!

How can bad things turn out to be this good?

Size of police officers in Lee Police Department, New Hampshire, USA

that must also be posted on Facebook “We are very happy that no one was hurt.”

On Facebook he said this accident happened on Monday, January 23.

The weather is rough, with strong winds blowing.

until there big tree branch’ fell and hit the windshield of a car

who drives through that area and the twigs still through the windshield

But fortunately, the driver and the passenger in the car. no one was injured

Everyone in the car said Driving past, I heard a loud crash.

And then saw a tree branch through the windshield!!!

of the accident The police warned that soWhere should you avoid driving?

On a windy, bad weather day

uh… but if ‘The weather and mood of the people in the house’more variance

We talk about each other Hahahaha

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