‘Narumon’ announces to quit the party list, drawing attention to the need to lose leaves to pave the way for the new generation

“Narumon” announced that he would quit the party list, stating that he had to change leaves, open the way for the new generation to work, to stay with the PPP, not dissatisfied – not in conflict , revealing the “Big Fort” of the green light

On March 24, Prof. Dr Narumon Pinyosinwat the treasurer of Palang Pracharat Party announced that Palang Pracharat Party There are many quality personnel. The two who have co-founded the party since 2018, those who joined the development of the party along the way and those who have joined the party recently Everyone has various abilities that benefit the party . And they have the intention to do good things for the people.

Prof. Dr. Narumon that Mr. For myself, I intend to work in politics. because of the desire to repay the grace of Thailand Especially people who pay taxes to send their mothers to study abroad. make a poor child whose cost of living is very low Having many good opportunities in life today This is because of the government scholarship exam. he went to study at a good university for masters and doctorate degrees

He then came back to serve as a full-time lecturer at the National Institute for Administration Development for 23 years until receiving the honor of being a Professor until five years ago, he was given the opportunity by the Palang Pracharat Party to work in politics. so he decided to resign from government service With the hope and determination to bring knowledge and experience for the benefit of the benefactor who are the brothers and sisters of the people who pay taxes to send scholarship students to study as mentioned before

“In the 2019 election, Mam was given the opportunity by party executives to run. MP No. 5 is the only woman in the top 10 without a request from anyone. But it is pure kindness. of the party’s executive officers at the time, who saw us committed to working for the party since its establishment in January 2018

Although Mum is a new face in politics Not a big boy Never run for an election before this election Ma’am would like, therefore, to allow the new political generation to be on the top list. If we who have get the chance before, don’t sacrifice, new people will have almost no chance to rise.

Therefore, he expressed his intention to the nomination committee and the parties’ executive officers that he would give up the right to be nominated on the list. Members of Parliament over the party’s list, so today the party will have to reconsider the list again,” said Professor Dr. Narumon.

Professor Dr Narumon continued that he always said that it was time for the Palang Pracharat Party to throw in its leaves for “new powers” to come to work. This time, I may have to turn one leaf. saw new strength blossom and bear fruit Next time, I may be able to turn many more leaves. This big tree will grow strong and beautiful.

“For Mum, working in politics is not just working as an MP. There are many other types of work that we can help the Party, the candidates, and serve the people. The most important is political ideology. because for them Sacrifice is political work, not victory. and not being stuck in a situation Madam always believes that when we are not attached We will have freedom of thought. which leads to freedom to make decisions in all cases of matters for the good of all,” said Professor Dr. Narumon.


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