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Nas App closes website after scammers 6,000 victims, lost 6 billion

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Nas App has closed the web. After defrauding investments in the form of chain sharing Revealing that more than 6,000 victims lost a huge amount of 6,000 million, with the victim group gradually reporting to the police station.

Photo from Palakon Konpang Facebook page.

On September 21, 2021, Na Na Na Online reported that about 20 victims had filed a complaint with Technology Criminal Investigation Police Headquarters (AMC) from investment Nas App, a forex fund like a schematic which recently closed the application and escaped resulting in a lot of losses for investors

One victim revealed that Nas App is like a stock trading broker, either gold or bitcoin, trading insured stocks. Will be able to press send insurance to get a refund of the principal. In this app will focus on trading to lose a lot to roll over the money in the last stick when playing for 2-3 days and can actually withdraw. Therefore expanding the investment amount. Nas App claims that it has been open for 3 years, more than 8 hundred thousand members and has dominated both European and Asian markets. before opening a branch in Thailand

The application will require you to enter the invitation code. If you don’t have an invite code, you can’t apply. which can receive salary from the company as well If the company’s conditions are met, it is to invite friends to invest as well, for example, 30 people will receive 10,000 baht, with conditions that must have a line group Must have an admin of the company to join the group Trading work must be submitted. need to maintain the top Profit will pay up to 1 – 3% per day, equal to 1 year, pay higher than 300%, with advertising soliciting that there are more than 6,000 people who believe to invest, the initial damage value is over 6,000 million baht.

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