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NASA supports forever excluding China from bombardment by Musk on the International Space Station-Hong Kong Economic Times-China Channel-China News

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The opening of the Chinese space station, the landing of Tianwen-1 on Mars, and the return of Chang’e-5 from the lunar soil collection. The development of Chinese space technology has recently received international attention. The head of NASA, under questioning by Congress, expressed his support for permanent US legislation prohibiting Sino-US space cooperation, which is equivalent to forever banning China from participating in the International Space Station. NASA’s statement was criticized by SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

NASA Chief Nelson (Bill Nelson) attended the House Science and Technology Committee hearing last week, and many of the questions asked by members were directed to China. Nielsen repeatedly asked Congress to increase funding in the next fiscal year to allow NASA to “better compete with China.”

The U.S. Congress allocated $850 million to NASA’s lunar lander research and development project in fiscal 2021. Nielsen said that NASA needs more funds to get ahead of China to allow American astronauts to land on the moon again and march on Mars.

When Nelson was asked whether he would support the permanent “Wolf Clause” against China, he answered in the affirmative. Former US Congressman Frank Wolf’s proposal was passed by Congress in 2011, discriminatory and expressly prohibiting technical exchanges between NASA and China.

But Nielsen also added that this does not mean that China and the United States cannot find areas of cooperation. He believes that the two countries can cooperate in avoiding spacecraft collisions and removing space junk.

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After Nielsen expressed his remarks, Musk said on Twitter that there is no problem with healthy competition, but it is “a bit too much” to make the “Wolf Clause” permanent. “If a spacecraft can go from one space station to another, that would be cool.”

In fact, the “Wolf Clause” has received many doubts in the American scientific community, believing that this will not stop China’s aerospace development, but also hinder the development of U.S. space. Public opinion has also noticed that the Chinese Space Station may become the only space station when the International Space Station may be decommissioned at the end of 2024.

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