NASA’s Ambitious Plan: Building Houses on the Moon by 2040

NASA Aims to Establish Lunar Residences by 2040

The New York Times – Local Edition

In a recent report, The New York Times highlighted NASA’s ambitious endeavor to construct dwellings on the moon within the next 17 years. This visionary initiative by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration seeks to establish a habitable zone on our celestial neighbor by 2040, allowing not only astronauts but also the American public to inhabit this extraterrestrial realm.

“We are ready to embark on this collective endeavor,” affirmed Nikki Weckheiser, NASA’s esteemed technology development officer. She expressed confidence that leveraging their core competencies will pave the way for the realization of this extraordinary milestone.

Consequently, NASA has unveiled an ingenious plan to employ 3D printing technology for lunar housing. The agency aims to utilize available lunar resources such as stone and mineral fragments as well as accumulated moon dust as the fundamental building materials for these lunar abodes.

In a significant step towards materializing this lunar colonization vision, NASA entered into a substantial $57.2 million contract with the renowned American private company ‘ICON’ for their ground-breaking project titled ‘Moon Home Construction.’

The New York Times reported on the 2nd local time that NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is pursuing a plan to build houses on the moon within the next 17 years.

According to reports, NASA plans to create a habitable area on the moon by 2040 so that not only astronauts can visit, but also the American public can live there.

“Everyone is ready to step up together,” said Nikki Weckheiser, NASA’s technology development officer. “If we develop our core capabilities, there’s no reason why it can’t be done.”

NASA’s plan is to print a house with a 3D printer using local resources such as stone fragments, mineral fragments, and dust accumulated on the moon that exist on the moon as building materials.

Last year, NASA signed a contract worth $57.2 million, or approximately 77 billion won, with the American private company ‘ICON’ for the ‘Moon Home Construction Project’.

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