‘Nasol’ Class 16 Legal Battle: Sang-cheol Sues Co-Stars for Defamation

The 16th ‘Nasol’ Class Heads to Court

Article published on 2023-11-21 at 15:06:54
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Sang-cheol, the 16th member of ‘I’m Solo’, has initiated legal proceedings against his co-stars Young-sook, Yeong-cheol, and Byun Hye-jin of ‘Idol Singles’ for defamation by spreading false information. In a lengthy statement released on the 21st, Sang-cheol announced his intentions to take legal action, citing the spreading of false information that has caused him significant distress.

Sang-cheol expressed his regret for the unpleasant events that have transpired, stating that he has had trouble sleeping for several nights. He emphasized his duty to the viewers and production crew and stressed the need to address the situation swiftly. Sang-cheol intends to file a complaint with the police against Young-sook, Yeong-cheol, and Byun Hye-jin on charges of defamation by spreading false information.

In his statement, Sang-cheol noted that all three individuals have been disseminating false information about him, and he views this as a serious offense under criminal law. He affirmed his intentions to pursue legal action and ensure that the severity of the situation is made clear to all parties involved.

Despite his apprehension about the impact of his decision on viewers and production staff, Sang-cheol emphasized the importance of addressing the situation and stated that ignoring it would only exacerbate the situation. Previously, Byun Hye-jin and Young-sook had made public statements and revelations about Sang-cheol, which have contributed to the current legal dispute.

Sang-cheol’s decision to pursue legal action marks a significant development in the ongoing controversy surrounding the 16th class of ‘Nasol’ and has garnered attention from industry observers and the public alike.

The 16th class of ‘Nasol’ finally goes to court… Sang-cheol sues Young-sook, Yeong-cheol, and Byun Hye-jin

Article in 2023-11-21 15:06:54
Article modified 2023-11-21 15:06:54

(From left) ‘I’m Solo’ Cast 16 Youngsook, Sangcheol, Yeongcheol, ‘Idol Singles’ Byun Hyejin, Instagram capture of each cast member

Sang-cheol, the 16th member of ‘I’m Solo’, anticipated a legal battle with his co-stars Young-sook and Yeong-cheol and Byun Hye-jin of ‘Idol Singles’.

On the 21st, Sangcheol announced in a long statement that he plans to sue them for defamation by spreading false information.

Sang-cheol began by saying, “I feel sorry for the viewers and the production crew because of the unpleasant events, so I haven’t been able to sleep for several nights.”

He said, “I thought my last duty to the viewers was to resolve the situation quickly. I plan to file a complaint with the police against the class 16 Young-sook, Young-cheol, and Byun Hye-jin on charges of defamation. by spreading false information.” reported.

He continued, “All three people are spreading false information about me indiscriminately. He stressed, “The act of indiscriminately disseminating patently false information is a very serious offense under criminal law.”

He suggested a hard line response, saying, “I intend to punish them severely to the end and inform them clearly of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as a human being. ”

He continued, “Even as I write this, my mind is filled with the thought that my decision will put pressure on the viewers and the production staff. “So, it’s true that I’m hesitant because I feel guilty,” he said, but “ignoring the situation could also be reassuring to the situation, so I’m informing you of the fact that I file a complaint.”

Previously, Byun Hye-jin appeared with Young-cheol on a YouTube channel on the 15th and revealed the fact that Sang-cheol has two legs. Youngsook also revealed the high-level message he shared with Sangcheol on the 20th of the same month.

Youngsook said, “You’re an old, vulgar American. Stop acting naive. If you hadn’t framed me by putting KakaoTalk together, I wouldn’t have opened it. Thank you, I successfully opened the information I received. “It’s so dirty and creepy,” he criticized.

In response, Sang-cheol said, “(Sexual jokes) are mostly made up. He responded, “This is a conversation that will not be a problem at all in a heterosexual relationship between a man and an adult woman who like each other.”

Byun Hye-jin also said on SNS on the same day, “We will not respond in the future. “Don’t justify an affair by treating someone you met as a good person as mentally ill and make them the perpetrator and make you the victim,” she warned.

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