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Natalie Portman repents for cheating and asks for forgiveness

The marriage between Natalie Portman and her husband hit the rocks, and the man was open to eating the daughter of a 25-year-old environmentalist. (taken from the Internet)

(Comprehensive report from Los Angeles on the 4th)() is the goddess in many people’s minds,”“As well as making her the first actress born in the 1980s to win an Oscar, she also met and married ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied who was in charge of choreography. They have a couple of children. They married About 11 years ago, it was reported that her husband secretly ate a 25-year-old environmental protection girl, and that her marriage was on the rocks.

41-year-old Natalie and her dancer husband Benjamin went to Paris to enjoy Beyonce’s concert in Paris last week. A few days later, the paparazzi spotted the two kissing on the street. On the surface, the couple lovingly. However, according to the French magazine “Voici”, the 45-year-old Benjamin was taken dating environmental activist Camille Etienne who was 20 years younger than him. After that, rumors that Natalie’s marriage hit the rocks suddenly became rampant.

Natalie learned that her husband was cheating, but for the sake of her children, she did not want a divorce. The reason was that the husband had admitted to his wife that he had “made a serious mistake” and that the relationship was “very short” and over.” Right now, she’s working hard to get Natalie Portman’s forgiveness and trust.

superficial love

Natalie attended the Cannes Film Festival premiere of her new film “May December” at the end of last month, and her husband Benjamin was not with her at the time, but the relationship between husband and wife was once full of strain. Last year, the couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. On the surface, they were as affectionate as before, but the fact is that their marriage has been on the red light for a long time. While filming “May December” in November last year, they even separated from their husband for a while. It was an open secret on the set. The couple reported shortly afterwards. Coincidentally, the content of the new film is also about the wedding. I don’t know if Natalie will feel much when she plays it.

In this regard, neither side issued a further statement. It is said that Natalie attaches great importance to privacy. For her, children are the first priority, and her relatives and friends also expected her not to turn to the media.

Natalie Portman repents for cheating and asks for forgiveness
Natalie Portman’s husband secretly ate Camilla, a 25-year-old environmentalist, and the two were photographed having a “brief get together” in the company for 2 hours. (taken from Ming Pao)
Natalie Portman repents for cheating and asks for forgiveness
Camila, 25, is a well-known environmentalist. (taken from the Internet)
Natalie Portman repents for cheating and asks for forgiveness
Natalie Portman (left) and Julianne Moore (right) learned that her husband was having an extramarital affair during the filming of their new movie “May December” last year. (still image)
Natalie Portman repents for cheating and asks for forgiveness
Natalie Portman won an Oscar for “Black Swan.” (still image)


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