“Nathanon” survived! It is not necessary to pay 429.9 million to buy a car fuel boat. The Supreme Court of Justice annulled the order of the governor of Bangkok.

Former Bangkok Permanent Secretary “Khunying Natthanon” Hey, the Supreme Administrative Court annulled the order of the Governor of Bangkok to pay compensation of 429.9 million for the purchase of a fire truck and a boat, pointing out that the case was not caused by damage.

Today (February 24), the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that the Bangkok Governor’s order No. 1036/2557 dated 21 March 2014 required Khunying Natthanon or Nathanon Thavisin, former Bangkok Permanent Secretary, to pay compensation to Bangkok. an amount of money 429,977,904.46 baht from the alleged case when he was permanent secretary The BMA commits a crime of misconduct in relation to the purchase of vehicles and fire boats with disaster relief equipment. leading to buying at an inflated price causing damage and annulling the order rejecting the appeal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand, who did not accept Khunying Nathan’s appeal in that case According to the most urgent letter No. Kor Kor 1801/1205 dated December 19, 2014, with retrospective effect. from the date of such order

The Supreme Administrative Court reasoned that When the facts are heard, although Khunying Natthanon Holding the position of Permanent Secretary of Bangkok, there is no consensus that Bangkok Will be harmed by the project to buy fire trucks and fire boats with relief equipment disaster or not and Khunying Natthanon He retired from the civil service on October 1, 2006, before the NACC informed the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on November 28, 2008 that the purchase of fire engines and fire boats with relief equipment Bangkok disaster is a purchase at an inflated price . which caused damage to the government as well as Mr. Apirak Kosayoothin, who served as the Governor of Bangkok Subsequently, Mr. Samak at the time explained the facts to the Tort Liability Investigation Committee that the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration requested a waiver for customs duties and value tax exemption from the Customs Department. Because it is a purchase according to a project that has been handed over by the Royal Thai Police. which has always been tax exempt Currently, it is in the process of applying for tax exemption approval from the Ministry of Finance. holding the position of permanent secretary Bangkok Therefore, he cannot order an investigation into the matter that BMA has to bear the burden of paying such a tax. This is not the reason why the BMA cannot take fire trucks out of Laem Chabang Port and has to dispute with the Customs Department in any way. The act of gross negligence that caused Bangkok was not the aforementioned acts of Khunying Natthanon. damaged

Therefore, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Order No. 1036/2557 dated March 21, 2014 that Khunying Natthanon compensation to Bangkok an amount of money 429,977,904.46 baht is therefore an illegal order. and the subsequent The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Thailand has decided to reject the appeal of the order of Bangkok Governor Khunying Natthanon in such cases, therefore, it is also illegal.


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