National anger against French police assaults black male… Macron also’shocked’

BBC news captures controversy over the controversy over a group of black men by French police.

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National anger is spreading as French police officers collectively beat black men.

According to major foreign media such as the AP and the BBC, on the 27th (local time), President Emmanuel Macron ordered a strong punishment for the police to Interior Minister Gerald Dharmanin, who oversees the police organization. A close friend of President Macron said, “The president was shocked by this incident.”

The Office of the Comptroller of the French Police Department is investigating the case while detained. “They have defiled the uniforms of the French Republic,” said Minister Dharmanin. “They will quickly enter the disciplinary process.”

The day before, French internet media released a closed circuit (CC) TV video in Paris where police officers beat and arrest a black man.

Police reported that this man, Michelle, wandered the streets without a mask and tried to crack down, but forcibly dragged them into the room and committed violence first. However, the released video was different from the police claim.

Music producer Michelle escaped the crackdown and fled toward her studio, but was caught by the police and dragged into the studio. The police wielded their fists, kicked, indiscriminately assaulted, and even swung the police rod.

The police assaulted Michelle’s colleagues in the studio, used racist insults, and even exploded tear gas in the studio. Then, only after knowing that they were being filmed by CCTV, they stopped the assault and arrested Michelle.

Soccer stars are also criticizing… Will it be the French version of the’Floid incident’?

 프랑스 경찰의 흑인 남성 집단 구타 영상을 공개하는 <루프사이더 data-recalc-dims= Capture Twitter account.” class=”photo_boder” />
Twitter account captures video of French police beating black men.
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When the video is released, the number of views is exploding, and criticism is pouring out on the French police as excessive physical force and racism controversy are added.

Michelle sued the police by revealing her head and lips torn and bloody face by the police. “People who need to protect me have attacked me,” he said. “I want justice, and I want them to face legal punishment.”

France’s national football striker Killian Mbappe posted a photo of Michelle who was assaulted on her Twitter, as well as “Unbearable videos, unacceptable violence” and “Any racism.” Then, other national players such as Antoine Griezmann and Samuel Umtiti joined in.

The French media said that national anger is spreading out of control and recalled a massive racist protest triggered by the case of George Floyd, a black American man who was strangled in the knees of a police officer a few months ago.

“Abuse of public power that undermines trust between the police and citizens must be punished,” said Rishar Ferrand, an aide to President Macron and the chairman of the French House of Representatives. Criticized.

On the 17th, the French police forcefully demolished a temporary refugee camp near Paris, causing violence against refugees, leading to controversy.

In addition, as the case of the assault of a black male overlapped, the French Parliament recently reinforced the police authority in response to terrorism, and the amendment of the security law, which severely punishes the disclosure of the police’s face on the Internet, was also opposed.

  French national football player Killian Mbafe tweets after accusing the French police of beating a group of black men.
French national football player Killian Mbafe tweets after accusing the French police of beating a group of black men.
Ⓒ Killian Mbafe Twitter

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