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On the afternoon of the 3rd, People’s Power Ahn Cheol-soo, the party’s representative candidate, visited the Gyeongdong Market Youth Center in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, and had a chat with young people before a meal. random news

Representative Cheol-soo Ahn, who was a candidate for the People Power National Convention party representative, suddenly canceled the public schedule for one day on the 6th. Rep. Ahn, who received a direct hit from President Yoon Seok-yeol as an “obstructor and enemy of state affairs,” had to revise his strategy for the March 8 National Convention, which was approaching a month later. Rep. Ahn canceled the free meal service for the elderly living alone in Yeongdeungpo-gu, the ‘Everything’ Seoul (KBS) interview scheduled for that day. An official on Congressman Ahn’s side said in a phone call, “I suspended the schedule for today to check the situation and plan the political situation. I will attend the vision presentation of the party convention scheduled for the 7th,” he said. In response to a sudden direct hit from President Yoon, he entered an internal examination and took an inhaler. However, the ‘Yoon Haek-gwan’ (key officials of President Yoon Seok-yeol) poured crossfire on Congressman Ahn that day. Representative Jang Je-won told reporters at the National Assembly, “Candidate Ahn brought President Yoon to the party convention first while dividing President Yoon and his aides.” Representative Lee Chul-gyu wrote on Facebook, targeting Representative Ahn, “a person who respects the communist Young-bok Shin, and a person who opposes the use of THAAD to defend the Republic of Korea.” Rep. Ahn took color theory offense over what he said, “a great intellectual of the age,” in sympathy with Professor Shin, who died in 2016. Rep. Lee Yong also said (BBS) in a radio interview, on at the time of the merger of President Yoon and the presidential candidate, “I broke the promise I made with President Yoon about twice. There is no sense of responsibility or duty,” he said. Criticism came from the pro-Lee Jun-seok circle, which is ‘half yun’. Chun Ha-ram, chairman of the Suncheon Party Members Council, Jeollanam-do, criticized who running for the party’s representative, radio Ahn on (CBS) as “politics that went on a very opportunistic basis” and “old yoon- fashion politicians with only traces of the new politics left.” Candidate Ahn’s side seems to be struggling to revise the previous vote strategy. Meanwhile, Rep. Ahn maintained a critical attitude towards President Yoon Haek-gwan, emphasizing his closeness by pointing out ‘the unity of Yun An (Yoon Seok-yeol-Ahn Cheol-soo)’. However, the strategy of separating President Yoon and Haek-gwan Yoon is no longer effective due to President Yoon’s craftsmanship. The Representative’s side has Ahn attitude of avoiding direct confrontation with President Yoon as much as possible. Representative Ahn appeared on (MBC) radio before canceling the schedule and said, “I didn’t know (President Yoon) would think like that. ( I) had no such intention at all,” he said, “I will not use” the phrase Yoon Haek-gwan in the future. At the same time, it seems that it will strengthen the promotion of a policy that focuses on its strengths, the future and science. An official on Congressman Ahn’s side said in a phone call, “We intend to take policy action rather than squabble over terms or phrases.” Former lawmaker Kim Young-woo, head of the election campaign committee of Congressman Ahn’s primary camp, said in a phone call with “I am very careful in terms of expression and level control,” and “I take a breath to refine the message and the vision policy, and to balance.” In the election campaign for the party convention with about a month left, the task of finding a way to the election as a ‘di-yun’ candidate between ‘chin-yun’ and ‘ban-yun’ was set before the Congressman Ahn. Reporter Lee Jae-hoon

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