National Coordination of SYNTSHA/CNTS: “Quality, we are not going to haggle over it”

The National Coordination of the Union of Human and Animal Health Workers / National Blood Transfusion Center (SYNTSHA/CNTS) faced the press on Monday, March 13, 2023 at the Bobo-Dioulasso Labor Exchange. Objective: to denounce the management of the National Blood Transfusion Center.

Gross shortage of materials and consumables essential to the proper functioning of operational structures; non-rational financial management; a slave-like exploitation of workers through unbearable turnover and collection programs; breakage and poor quality of snack kits and materials; the recurring breakdowns of the automatons of our laboratories; the repetitive rupture of reagents and almost at the same time; awarding of contracts to the CNTS, a real chaos; the calling into question of workers’ achievements and delays in the payment of workers’ mission expenses.

These are, among other things, the shortcomings that Bernardin Sanou, National Coordinator SYNTSHA and his CNTS comrades blame their hierarchy, in particular the Director General of the CNTS. For them, these shortcomings are extremely serious, because they impact on the quality of the work, therefore on the well-being of the donor as well as the recipient of blood collected, often in unsuitable conditions. For example, Bernadin Sanou and his comrades are looking into the case of sampling chairs in a pitiful state. And that according to the statements of the administration, all the calls for tenders have been unsuccessful since 2021 (the example of the CRTS of Bobo and Fada via the DPDs of Gaoua and Kaya, where the agents manage with two sampling chairs).

Added to this is the acquisition of poor quality equipment, or even very poor quality, such as DONO PACK brand collection bags (welders with a lifespan of less than a year, expired gloves put into circulation, etc.) Which gives the impression that the CNTS has become the dumping ground for suppliers with the blessing and complicity of the general administration. After these denunciations, the day speakers ask the competent authorities to really address their concerns by organizing an audit of the CNTS so that things return to normal.

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