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National Day Celebration: Organized by KMCC Law Seminar | National Day

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Dubai: In connection with the 50th National Day celebrations in the UAE, Dubai K.M. Legal Cell as part of the Fifty Events organized by CC The law seminar was organized by the group. Officials from various government agencies in the UAE and Indian Co. Consulate Representatives and keynote speakers were present.

Seminar by By Municipal Municipality Public Health Department Inaugurated by F. Al-Hamadi. Ibrahim Muhammed Ali, a senior lawyer in the UAE Haddad spoke in.

Dubai Community Development Authority Senior Executive Aham The Al-Sabee, Consulate General of the Consulate General of India in Dubai Che Lery (Sabeel), Muhammed D’Asam (Dubai Customs), Dubai K.M.C. Acting President Hussein Nar Haji Tchakai തു.

K. M. C. C. Legal Cell Chairman Adv. Ibrahim Khali presided over the function. Muhammed Muhsin (Police and People) in Dubai Police, Friends of Par Maya Hussein Founder, Founder and Leading Social Worker of Kinsons Brahmin (a social and legal entity with a nation Citizen Liability), Indian Consulate Expatriate Assistance Center Rector Anish Chaudhary (Consulate for the Diaspora) Services), Adv. Mustafa Zafir (Equivalence in Arab-Indian Legal Systems) And s), Adv. Shah Ji (Embassy Laws) introduced the subject.

Retired from the United Arab Emirates. Employee Yusuf Ahmad, Interpreter Mustafa Al-Mana , Adv. Muhammed Dsajid, Adv. Muhammed Rafi, Adv. In Ashraf Koval, Adv. Nazi Shabbir Ali was also seen. K. M. C. C. Legal Cell Convenor Adv. Muhammed Sajid Welcome and Adv. Muhammed Rafi also said thank you. Employees who attended the seminar and the Consulate Opportunity to interact with funds and interpreters ചു.

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