National department store and hypermarket quarantine pass lifted ‘Gadak’

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The government has decided to lift the quarantine pass application of department stores and hypermarkets nationwide.

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This is a measure to improve the confusion caused by the suspension of the quarantine pass in Seoul alone.

By Park Yoon-soo.

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Department stores, hypermarkets, and large stores are expected to be excluded from the quarantine pass application facilities.

The government held a quarantine strategy meeting yesterday and decided to release quarantine passes for 2,000 stores, marts, department stores, and more across the country.

This decision is interpreted as a measure taking into account equity between regions.

This is because, as the courts previously decided to suspend the enforcement of quarantine passes for department stores and marts in Seoul, Seoul became possible to enter without a quarantine pass, while other areas continued to apply the quarantine pass, raising controversy over equity.

In particular, as the mandatory quarantine pass guidance period for department stores and large marts ended today, fines for negligence and administrative sanctions were foretold in case of violations.

However, even if department stores and hypermarkets are excluded from the quarantine pass-applied facilities, other measures are likely to be applied, such as limiting the number of people entering depending on the area.

The government is planning to finalize the quarantine pass adjustment plan at the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters meeting today.

Meanwhile, by 9 pm last night, there were 3,344 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country, and the number of confirmed cases to be announced today is expected to be around 4,000.

Due to the spread of Omicron mutations, the number of confirmed cases is increasing compared to last week, recording 4,000 for five consecutive days until yesterday.

This is Park Yoon-soo from MBC News.

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