National football match Oman starts for recovery training Zhu Chenjie explains in detail how to assist Wu Lei to score

Original title: National Football Team Oman starts for restorative training Zhu Chenjie explains in detail how to assist Wu Lei to break the goal

At 18:30 in the evening on the 12th local time in Sharjah, the Chinese National Men’s Football Team conducted the first training session after the match against Oman at the Khalid Stadium training ground in Sharjah. The players who started the game yesterday underwent restorative training such as jogging and stretching on the field, while the remaining players underwent higher-intensity technical and tactical training and confrontation training.

Before the start of training, Zhu Chenjie, who completed the first assist of the national team’s career in the game yesterday, accepted the media interview. Zhu Chenjie said: “We worked very hard in this game and had a very positive attitude. We actively completed the tactical tasks given by the coach. The result was regrettable, but we still went all out to fight.”

Turning to the issue of emotional digestion after the game, Zhu Chenjie said: “Everyone still faces it with a positive attitude. This game has passed and we need to actively prepare for the next game.”

When asked what kind of mentality to face the next five games, Zhu Chenjie said: “We have ended the first round. For the next games, we need to be more active and have a better mental outlook. “

In the match against Oman, Zhu Chenjie assisted Wu Lei to score. This was the first time he completed an assist in a national team match. Zhu Chenjie said: “At that time, a corner kick was issued and the opponent did not clear the siege. I think there are two teams in the middle. Players in here, I will fight for the top, I hope they can grab points, Lei brother grabbed the ball very well and played well.”

As the youngest player in the national football team, Zhu Chenjie said: “The top 12 games are of very high quality. Such games are very helpful for accumulating experience and for my growth.”

Speaking of the Australian team, Zhu Chenjie said: “The coaches will give some analysis before the game, and have a certain understanding of the opponent’s forward, we will come up with the best state of preparation.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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