National Football Team Faces Challenges in Quarter-Finals Against Host Country, China

National Football Team Advances to Quarter Finals with Impressive Performance

In an extraordinary display of skill and determination, our national football team has secured a place in the quarter finals of the tournament.

This crucial match will see them pitted against the host country, China. Despite previous encounters between the two teams fueling controversy due to rough fouls, our players are aware of the challenges they may face, including biased cheering from the Chinese spectators and the absence of video review for decision-making.

Reporting from Hangzhou, I bring you the latest updates on this anticipated match, as shared by sports journalist Park Jae-woong.

Strong Momentum Carries the National Team Forward

The national team showcased their incredible talents in the round of 16, scoring an impressive five goals. Throughout this tournament, they have proven their dominance by netting a staggering 21 goals in just four matches. This exceptional performance secured their place in the quarter-finals, where they will face a formidable opponent in China.

Having clashed with each other twice just three months ago, our team emerged with mixed results: one victory and one loss. The contentious issue of rough play from the Chinese players came to the forefront during those encounters, resulting in injuries for Eom Won-ganu and Ko Young-jun. The resilience of our players remains steadfast as they prepare to face China once again.

Balancing Rough Play and Home Field Advantage

Similar challenges persist as our team gears up to face China. Just yesterday, a Qatari player was controversially expelled from the round of 16 match after a clash with a Chinese player. Concerns arise as this tournament heavily relies on referee decisions without the aid of video reviews, increasing the potential for unfair play. Furthermore, the presence of a Chinese home crowd, especially on China’s National Day, is expected to create a one-sided cheering atmosphere. However, our players remain unfazed by these circumstances.

Baek Seung-ho, a key player for the Asian Games football representative team, expresses his confidence in navigating these hurdles. He understands the significance of this match and relishes the opportunity to outshine the Chinese players. Seung-ho remarks, “They say there will be a large audience, but I believe the Chinese players will be under greater pressure.”

The team’s coach, Hwang Seon-hong, who experienced a setback during the World Cup 25 years ago due to an injury inflicted by China, exudes unwavering determination. He asserts, “If we cannot conquer the immense pressure and give our all, winning the gold medal will remain an elusive dream. But I firmly believe that no one can impede our path to success.”

Players Focus on Preparations Ahead of the Crucial Match

The team has relocated to Hangzhou, where they now reside. In the lead-up to the final game in three days, the players have wisely opted for a day of rest rather than intense training. This deliberate break will ensure their physical and mental readiness for this crucial encounter.

Stay tuned to MBC News for up-to-date coverage of this highly-anticipated match. Reporting live from Hangzhou, this is Jaewoong Park signing off.

Video Commentary: Kim Hee-gun / Video Editing: Kim Gwan-sun

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◀ Anchor ▶

Our national football team progressed to the quarter finals with a tremendous performance.

Now the opponent is the host country, China.

Three months ago, in an evaluation game, rough foul became controversial.

In addition, there are many things that our players have to be careful about, including the one-sided cheering of the Chinese spectators and the unpredictable decision variables since there is no video review.

This is a report by reporter Park Jae-woong from Hangzhou.

◀ Report ▶

The national team scored 5 goals in the round of 16.

He easily progressed to the quarter-finals by scoring 21 goals in 4 matches in this tournament.

The opponent in the quarter-finals is the host country, China.

Three months ago, they met us twice.

The result was 1 win and 1 loss.

The rough play of the Chinese players was controversial.

Eom Won-ganu was injured and returned to Korea immediately, and Ko Young-jun suffered a torn knee ligament.

Playing China is not much different now.

Yesterday, in the round of 16, a Qatari player pushed out and the two teams collided and were kicked out of the stadium.

However, as this competition relies entirely on the referee’s decisions without video reviews, rough dirt as well as home advantage must be considered.

Also, since the quarter-finals are being held on China’s National Day, it is expected that the home crowd will cheer one-sidedly, but the players don’t seem to care at all.

[백승호/아시안게임 축구대표팀]

“I already knew I was going to meet China, and I wanted to take advantage of this rough appearance… They said there would be a lot of spectators, but I think Chinese players will be under more pressure.”

Coach Hwang Seon-hong, who suffered a World Cup blow 25 years ago due to an injury suffered in the match against China, is also full of remarkable determination.

[황선홍/아시안게임 축구대표팀 감독]

“I don’t think we can win the gold medal if we can’t overcome the pressure of the big crowd and play hard. I don’t think anyone can block our path.”

This is in front of the national team accommodation after moving to Hangzhou.

The players took a break without training today before the final game in three days.

This is Jaewoong Park from MBC News in Hangzhou.

Video commentary: Kim Hee-gun / Video editing: Kim Gwan-sun

″This video can be viewed on the MBC News website due to copyright issues.″

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