National Football Team Sets Sights on Third Consecutive Asian Games Gold Medal

The national football team prepares for the semi-final against Uzbekistan

The South Korean national football team is gearing up for their crucial semi-final match against Uzbekistan in the Asian Games. With the goal of clinching their third consecutive gold medal, expectations are high for coach Hwang Sun-hong’s winning strategy. Hwang has been known to introduce different starting line-ups for each game, adding to the anticipation surrounding his tactics.

The team is now just two steps away from achieving their ultimate goal, and they are determined to be in peak physical condition for the upcoming match. The players are confident as ever, aiming to secure their third Asian Games gold medal in a row. However, Uzbekistan poses as a formidable opponent, with a history of giving South Korea a tough time in the previous tournament.

Coach Hwang Sun-hong is well-aware of the challenge ahead and is carefully considering his starting line-up. In the past five games, South Korea has achieved victory with eight different combinations, tailored to suit each opponent. This time, the coach is expected to rely on the speed and skill of players like Lee Kang-in and Jung Woo-young, who conserved their energy in the previous match against China, in order to counter Uzbekistan’s strong defense and physicality.

Although it is crucial for the players to remain focused and not underestimate their opponents, they exude confidence no matter who takes the field first. Midfielder Go Young-jun expressed his belief that their continuous improvement and compatibility on the field will lead to favorable results.

One key aspect that remains vital, just like in previous games, is scoring an early goal. Uzbekistan is known for their organized defense, and they are expected to prioritize defensive strategies throughout the game while looking for counter-attacking opportunities. It is imperative for South Korea to avoid any psychological setbacks caused by a delay in scoring the first goal.

Fans have high hopes for Coach Hwang Sun-hong, as he aims to secure the top spot in Asia for the third consecutive time. With his flawless performance so far, showcasing exceptional skills, the expectations continue to grow.

Overall, the national team is meticulously preparing for the semi-final clash against Uzbekistan. Only time will tell if they can fulfill their aspirations and bring home another gold medal, solidifying their dominance in Asian football.

Reported by Hae-ri Yoon

Photographers: Kim Jeong-won, Choi Gwang-hyun, Jin Hyeong-wook

Video Editing: Younghoon Lee

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The national football team, which is trying to win its third consecutive Asian Games title by defeating host nation China, will play Uzbekistan in the semi-final tonight (the 4th).

Expectations are rising as to what coach Hwang Sun-hong’s winning strategy will be, as he introduces a different starting line-up for each game.

This is reporter Hae-ri Yoon.


Our national team is just two steps away from reaching the gold medal.

We will be in peak physical condition before the semi-final against Uzbekistan.

The expression of the players aiming for their third consecutive Asian Games gold medal is full of confidence.

However, being a formidable opponent they had a tough time winning against at the Asian Games five years ago, coach Hwang Seon-hong has no choice but to worry about the starting line-up.

In the last five games, we led the team to victory with eight different ‘suitable’ color combinations each time.

This time, it is expected that fast and skilled players like Lee Kang-in and Jung Woo-young, who saved their stamina in the last match against China, will be used first to prepare for the Uzbekistan players, whose strengths are solid defense. and strength.

It’s important not to let your guard down, but the players seem confident no matter who starts first.

[고영준 / 축구대표팀 미드필더 : 경기하면 할수록 호흡도 잘 맞는 것 같고, 경기력도 점점 좋아져서 이제 저희가 준비한 것만 잘하면 좋은 결과가 있을 거라고 생각해서 잘 준비해서 경기에서 꼭 좋은 결과 가져오고 싶습니다.]

The key, as in previous games, is how quickly they can score the first goal.

Uzbekistan, whose strength is an organized defence, is expected to focus on defense throughout the game and aim for counter-attacks.

As such, we must avoid an unfamiliar situation where our national team is psychologically victimized because of a delay in scoring the first goal.

Fans’ expectations for Hwang Seon-hong, who is aiming for the top spot in Asia for the third time in a row, are growing as he has played flawlessly so far with excellent skills.

This is YTN’s Yoon Hae-ri.

Photographer: Kim Jeong-won, Choi Gwang-hyun, Jin Hyeong-wook

Video Editing: Younghoon Lee

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