National Football Team VS Japan Prospect

Original title: National Football Team VS Japan Prospect

At 18:00 on January 27th, Beijing time, the seventh round of Group B of the 2022 Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers will be staged in the seventh round of Group B. In Saitama 2002 Stadium, the Chinese team will be a guest to challenge the Japanese team. This is the first official game of the national football team in 2022, and it is also the first game for Li Xiaopeng to lead the team as the head coach of the men’s national football team. Facing a strong opponent who also needs to grab points and an embarrassing record of 24 years of invincibility, I hope that Li Xiaopeng and his team can “play normally” as he said before the game.

After drawing with Oman and Australia in November last year, the national football team scored 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses after six rounds of the top 12, ranking second to last in the group, 11 points behind the leader Saudi Arabia. , there is a 7-point gap with the second-ranked Japanese team in the group, and even the third-ranked Australian team is 6 points more than the national football team. The Chinese men’s football team is once again facing the danger that “there is not much time left for Chinese football”.

In fact, this time, not only is there not much time left for the national football team, but there is not much time left for the new head coach Li Xiaopeng. On December 3 last year, that is, half a month after the sixth round of the top 12 match against Australia, the Chinese Football Association agreed to Li Tie’s request to resign as the head coach of the Chinese men’s national football team, and immediately officially announced Li Xiaopeng. take over. At that time, the People’s Daily commented, “With a record of 1 win, 2 draws and 3 losses in six rounds, the achievements that Li Tie left to his successor are basically the same as the level of the national football team.”

After Li Xiaopeng took office, he circled a roster of up to 52 people in the first training camp, and the coaching staff was also super luxurious. After nearly ten days of intensive training in Shanghai, the team finally determined a 27-man squad for the expedition. Compared with the previous list, 7 new international players have been added. They are Zheng Zheng, Deng Hanwen, Liu Yang, Dai Weijun, Tan Long, Fernando, Ji Xiang. Among them, Dai Weijun was selected for the national football team for the first time. However, Fernando returned to Brazil after arriving in the Netherlands because of family matters and will definitely miss these two rounds of the top 12.

Wu Lei, Jiang Guangtai, Alan and Luo Guofu joined the team in Japan. During the journey from Brazil to Japan, there were some episodes due to the epidemic control. Fortunately, several naturalized players ended up playing with the national football team in Japan. Successfully “joined divisions”; Exxon was absent because of the new crown infection in Brazil. In addition, Luo Guofu will be suspended and unable to play in the game with the Japanese team.

Judging from the training camp, the national football team seems to have simple and rude tactics of defensive counterattack when facing the Japanese team away. Since the technical coach of the national football team, Pep, will meet with the team in Japan on January 23, so even if there are certain variables, It is also more likely to be a tactical change and adjustment during a period of time in the game. After all, this is Li Xiaopeng’s first game as the head coach of the men’s national football team. In addition, the two games between China and Japan and China and Vietnam are very short, so this campaign The results still have a certain “influence”.

When the two sides faced off in the first round of the top 12 match last September, Tie Jiajun had only 30% of the ball in possession, with 3 shots on target and 0 shots on target, with only 1 corner kick. In the end, not only did they lose, but the scene was extremely passive. This makes the already “unbalanced” Sino-Japanese battle record further tilted towards the Blue Warriors. Since Li Bing scored twice in the Dynas Cup in 1998 to help the National Football Team defeat the Japanese team 2-0 in Tokyo, the Chinese team has been in the lead after the two sides. They met in 12 meetings with 5 draws and 7 losses, and they have never won.

As for the Japanese team, except for Maya Yoshida, Hengwu Furuhashi, Kaoru Mitake, Muroya and Kenyo Fuan who were all unable to play due to injuries, the Japanese coach Mori Baoyi was the strongest team, with 16 players in Europe on the list. Players, 6 of whom are currently playing for teams in the five major leagues. Judging from the training camp and the warm-up match, the team will most likely continue to use a 4-3-3 formation, with Da Puyong on the striker also in good shape, scoring consecutive goals.

However, the Japanese team coach Mori Baoichi was still cautious before the game, “I will definitely select the best members to prepare for the game with the Chinese team. Moreover, the game against China is the first place. They are changing the head coach. Later, the players were re-selected and formed a new team. I think the game with the Chinese team will be a tough battle.” However, Japan international player Tanaka Bi said that although the Chinese team’s tactics are not very clear , but as long as the game starts 10-15 minutes, you can understand the “details” of the opponent.

In fact, the confrontation between the two armies is to use their respective strengths to limit the opponent as much as possible. It is understandable to despise the enemy strategically and to value the enemy tactically. Of course, for Li Xiaopeng and his Chinese men’s national football team, if they want to truly win the respect of their opponents and fans, they must come up with something and play something on the court. As for the result of the match against the Japanese team, do Chinese fans still have extravagant hopes? (Cho Oyu)Return to Sohu, see more


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