National gasoline prices fall for two weeks in a row, impacted by international oil prices… 2,000 won per L ↓

Oil price information is displayed at a gas station in downtown Seoul / ⓒNewsis DB

[시사포커스 / 이청원 기자] Domestic oil prices, which had risen for the 10th straight week in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, turned to a downward trend.

According to Opinet, an oil price information service of the Korea National Oil Corporation on the 10th, the average selling price of gasoline at gas stations nationwide in the first week of April was 9.6 won per liter down to 1990.5 won, and the diesel price recorded 1911.8 won, down 8.0 won per liter. did

By region, the average price of gasoline this week in Seoul, the highest price region, was 2049.7 won per liter, down 18.9 won from the previous week, and Daegu, the lowest price region, recorded 1969.5 won, down 16 won from the previous week.

By brand, GS Caltex was the most expensive at 1999.2 won per liter, and thrifty gas station gasoline was the cheapest at 1964.7 won per liter.

Gasoline prices have been on a downward trend after hitting a record high for 10 weeks in a row. Above all, the price of gasoline recorded the highest in 10 years according to the recent international situation, and diesel is the highest in 14 years since it recorded 1932 won in July 2008.

The downward trend is interpreted as the effect of international oil prices. International oil prices have been on the upswing due to the unstable international situation, such as the war between Russia and Ukraine, and have recently been partially adjusted.

In addition, it is predicted that the US and Korea will release oil reserves and OPEC+ will increase production by 430,000 barrels a day starting in May, suggesting that it is highly likely to decline for the time being.

Dubai crude, which is the standard for Middle Eastern crude, which currently accounts for about 60% of domestic imported crude oil, fell by $5.3 from the previous week to $102.1 per barrel, still exceeding $100.

Meanwhile, according to the international oil price situation, the government has decided to expand the oil tax cut to 30%, and it is expected that gasoline will be cut by up to 141 won.


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