National government, through Public Function, is structuring four new entities – La Campana Newspaper

The model includes planning, design and structuring concepts to facilitate the provision of services in the nascent institutions.

The Administrative Department of the Public Service reported that it is advancing in the design and structuring of the San Juan de Dios University Hospital, the National Institute of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation (INDTOT), the National Institute of Regional Roads and the Institute of Guajira waters.

“These four entities were born to materialize facts and results of “Colombia world power of life”, axis of President Petro’s National Development Plan, and as evidenced, they directly address the postulates defined by the Government in health, roads and supply. of water for Colombians,” he explained César Augusto Manriquedirector of Public Function.

In the advice for the internal organization that the new entities will have, Public Service experts have used bioadministration tools, a model that covers planning, design and structuring concepts to facilitate the provision of services in the institutions.

The new entities

The creation of a hospital and three institutes, one of them in La Guajira, are timely actions by the National Government to respond to vital rights in health, roads and water supply, it is stated.

The advice of the Public Service in the creation of these entities has consisted, according to the needs of each one, of providing them with technical support in the definition of objectives and functions; development of strategic plans, identification of necessary resources, creation of policies and procedures; adjustments in operating models, value chains, organizational processes, organizational structures, personnel dynamics, formulation of job functions and competencies, as well as the creation of salary and benefit regimes.

The entity’s technical team has also participated in the financial viability analyses. Public Service advice on the creation of an entity can take up to three months.

San Juan de Dios University Hospital

This hospital will be recovered to provide health services of medium and high complexity and may become an advanced research center, in accordance with article 367 Law 2294 of 2023 or National Development Plan.

National Institute of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation (Indtot)

He will be in charge of the promotion, donation, extraction, recovery, transportation, conservation, transplant and implantation of organs and tissues to make them accessible in quality, timely and sufficient conditions to the Colombian population, according to article 162 of the National Development Plan “Colombia”. world power of life.”

National Institute of Regional Roads (INVIR)

It will promote the construction, improvement and conservation of regional roads in cooperation with departments and municipalities, as well as with semi-official and private entities. This institution will also be connected to the National Highway Network to leverage tertiary roads and related infrastructure.

Institute of Water Management of La Guajira

This entity will manage the supply in La Guajira to increase its access in the population and complies with the territorial planning around water and environmental justice proposed by the Government in its National Development Plan 2022-2026.