National High School Ekiden Women’s Joban 19th place Boys’ Tonodai 2 24th place | NHK Gunma Prefecture News

In the “National High School Ekiden” where high school runners connect in winter in Kyoto, the Gunma prefecture representative was ranked 19th for girls’ Joban High School and 24th for boys’ Tonodai Nikko.

The girls’ Tokiwa High School has participated in the 21st time for 4 consecutive years and has won 8th place, but the race progressed in 13th place in the 1st ward where the ace of each school gathers and around 20th place in the 2nd and subsequent wards, and the result is It was 19th place.
On the other hand, the boy’s Tokyo Univ. , Finished in 24th place.



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