National Identity Foundation joins hands with IFMA to push Muay Thai into a world-class Soft Power!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

National Identity Foundation joins hands with IFMA to push Muay Thai into a world-class Soft Power! through Thai boxing, Wai Kru, and boxing

Mr. Somphan Jarumilinth Secretary-General along with M.L. Anupon Kasemsan, member and deputy secretary-general of the National Identity Foundation. Attending the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding in support of the International Muay Thai Federation (International Federation of Muaythai Associations – IFMA) with a vision to disseminate Thai arts and culture in the form of Soft Power through Muay Thai, Wai Kru and Boxing, with Dr. Sakchai Thapsuwan, Honorary Chairperson of the Federation and Mr. Stefan. FIF Secretary-General Fox also joined in on the signing. The Foundation also thanked IFMA for helping push Muay Thai to be certified by the International Olympic Committee. (International Olympic Committee – IOC) and also helps to preserve Thai boxing and spread it to be known around the world as well.

“Muay Thai” or “Thai Boxing” is a martial art on the battlefield to preserve the freedom and liberties of Thai people. It is a cultural heritage that is deeply rooted in Thai history for a long time. Muay Thai has five principles: tradition, honor, respect, justice and excellence. All of these are the cornerstones of humanity. And the same principle applies to all sports included in the Olympics.

Besides being a cultural martial art, Muay Thai Muay Thai has also been used in various international sports events under the International Olympic Committee, such as the World Games, World Combat Games, European Olympic Games, Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, Arafura Games and many others in the future. In addition to martial arts Wai Kru and Mae Mai Muay Thai is another competition where athletes have the opportunity to receive medals with the national anthem and flag.

2021 marks a milestone in Muay Thai history as the International Olympic Committee has recognized Muay Thai and the International Muay Thai Federation (IFMA) as the only Muay Thai governing body. and is the highest organization in Thai boxing sport internationally

IFMA always remembers that Thailand is the birthplace of Muay Thai. Thailand prides itself on Muay Thai just as South Korea prides itself on Taekwondo. China that prides itself on the sport of Wushu. and Japan that prides itself on karate and judo. and with the greatness of this Muay Thai This makes athletes and Thai boxing trainers all over the world proud. As a result, Muay Thai has been widely accepted internationally for a long time.

Besides being the only Thai boxing body to be certified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), IFMA is committed to fair competition without violence and abuse. all forms follow the rules and regulations for the safety of athletes Athletes participating in the competition must wear protective equipment according to the regulations. and compete at the specified time in each round in strict safety under the standards of the International Olympic Committee As athletes participating in the competition must fight at least 3 times in 4 days to advance to the final round. This makes observing the rules and wearing protective gear extremely important.

IFMA currently has 148 member countries on 5 continents and all members are united under the same goal of promoting and creating the value of Muay Thai as an international martial art. It also strictly complies with the requirements of the Olympic Committee. both in terms of good governance anti-doping youth development, internationalization, consideration for the health and safety of all athletes and at the same time conserving the culture and identity of Thai boxing, such as Wai Kru, Mae Mai Muay Thai, Mongkol and Pi Muay to remain in Thai boxing sports as well.

National Identity Foundation fully supports IFMA in promoting Muay Thai as a cultural heritage of Thailand. leading to global popularity and ready to move forward to the Olympic Games Bringing pride to Thailand and Thai boxing athletes around the world

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