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‘National Lotto Subscription’ Sejong the City Average Competition Ratio 200 to 1

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Demand surged due to 89% of the lottery volume and the abolition of special skills for public officials

‘Sejong Zai the City’ perspective view

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Dong-gyu = More than 220,000 people flocked to the Sejong City apartment ‘lottery subscription’, where the nationwide subscription was made.

According to the Korea Real Estate Agency’s subscription home on the 28th, 22842 people applied for 1,106 households for the ‘Sejong Xi the City’ apartment, which received the first subscription on the day, recording an average competition ratio of 199.7 to 1.

61,592 people flocked to only the B-type (384 households) and other models with a dedicated area of ​​101 m2, where the largest quantity is supplied.

Sejong City is an area where subscriptions can be made in the nationwide district, so it seems that demand, expecting a large profit from the market, participated in the subscription not only in Sejong but also in the whole country.

In this complex, 1,200 households exceeding 85 square meters, which are the lottery system, accounted for more than 89% of the total supply, attracting not only the homeless but also the homeowners as demand.

The lottery amount can be won even if the owner of the house has signed a pledge to dispose of the existing house.

In addition, the fact that it is the first supply complex since the abolition of the special supply system for civil servants in Sejong City has increased the likelihood of winning the general supply.

The average sale price per 3.3 square meters of this apartment was set at 13.67 million won. The maximum selling price based on 84 square meters is 48,867 million won.

Comparing with the market price of a nearby complex in Sejong, where apartment prices have risen sharply in recent years, a profit of 200 to 400 million won is expected when winning the subscription, raising expectations from prospective subscribers as a ‘lottery subscription’.

The restrictions on resale of this apartment are 4 years for general supply and 5 years for special supply, and there is no obligation to live.

In the special supply (special attack) conducted the previous day, 22,698 people applied for the recruitment of 244 households, recording an average competition ratio of 93.0 to 1, predicting a successful subscription.

In the first screening, 11,725 ​​people applied for 23 households, and the average competition ratio reached 509.8 to 1. The competition ratio was 260.9 to 1 for newlyweds, 16.8 to 1 for families with multiple children, and 21.3 to 1 for senior parents. recorded

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