‘National Singer’ Lee Solomon’s fandom burns competitive spirit → Controversy over behind-the-scenes talk… Netizens ‘glare’ – reporter Yoo Hye-ji

Lee Solomon’s actions in the fandom of ‘National Singer’ are attracting the eyes of some netizens.

Recently, in an online community, an article titled, ‘Tomorrow is a national singer in a rage due to the expedient voting of the mother performer’s fans’ was written.

Currently, TV Chosun ‘National Singer’ can vote twice a day per person through Coupang and Coupang Play accounts. Regarding this, in the group chat room of ‘Solomon Fan Union’, it was announced, “You can only vote for Solomon Lee, Yuha Kim, Dongyeon Ha, Hanbyul Lim, and Seongjun Kim. .

online community

He also explained, “Coupang accounts can be created for each mobile phone number 10 per day. This means that you can additionally vote for our singer by 10 votes per day.” In response, the author of the article expressed absurdity by saying, “I heard that they created an ID by way of expedient and voted for up to 250 votes.”

Above all, the author said that the fans were talking behind the scenes of other cast members. According to the published conversation, fans referred to the other cast members as ‘A’ and Byung-chan Lee as ‘North Korea’ and expressed their dissatisfaction, such as “It’s annoying”, “Why is North Korea next to a baby girl?” and “I hate to see it.”

Some people who saw this showed reactions such as “Ugly”, “Gossip is really wrong”, “The critics of the cast are really too much”, “Why do you curse other singers”, “I don’t know how to vote, and the back talk seems wrong”.

Regarding the voting, many netizens rebutted, “Isn’t multi-account voting used by any fandom? Multi-voting is to do idol fandoms as if eating rice.” They said, “It’s wrong to open voting in a place where one-person multi-account creation is possible” “It’s wrong to make it possible like that. It’s not the fans’ fault” “You’ll faint when you see the idol version. That’s nothing.” Will there be?” showed the opposite opinion.

On the other hand, Solomon Lee took second place in the 5th week of public support vote for ‘Tomorrow’s National Singer’.
Hyeji Yoo



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