‘National Singing Contest’ successor to Song Hae, who is who?[MK초점]

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As ‘Korea’s oldest’ broadcaster Song Hae (95) announced his intention to leave the ‘National Singing Contest’, attention is focused on his successor MC, who will fill his vacancy.

Recently, news broke that Song Hae was hospitalized at Asan Medical Center in Seoul, and rumors of her departure arose. Songhae has been regularly admitted to the hospital for treatment and examination for the purpose of managing pneumonia, a chronic disease, and it is reported that this time is also not a serious situation.

An official from KBS1’s ‘National Singing Contest’ told Maeil Business Star Today related to the rumors of Song Hae’s departure, “It is true that Mr. Song Hae expressed his intention that it seems like it is time to quit, but his departure has not been decided.

The production team is looking for a successor to host with various possibilities in mind.”

Although Song Hae did not have any major health problems, it seems that he felt pressure to resume the public recording of ‘National Singing Contest’. In the aftermath of Corona 19 for the past two years, ‘National Singing Contest’, which has continued a special broadcast of studio shoots and past broadcast screens, is scheduled to be publicly recorded starting on June 4 in Yeonggwang-gun, Jeollanam-do.

Song Hae, who has maintained the ‘National Singing Show’ despite rumors of health abnormalities several times, will have no choice but to feel the physical burden of filming outdoors for a long time. Previously, Songhae was hospitalized for health problems in January and returned to treatment after being diagnosed with COVID-19 in March. Song Hae, who was discharged from the hospital on the 18th, is currently discussing various plans with the production team. The position will be summarized and announced this week at the earliest or next week at the latest.

As a result, interest in the successor MC of Song Hae, who has kept the ‘National Singing Contest’ for 34 years, is growing. On several broadcasts in Songhae-do, he mentioned his hometown junior Lee Sang-byeok and his successor MCs.

Broadcaster Lee Sang-byeok (75) is the successor MC who acknowledged Song Hae. Lee Sang-byeok, who is a junior in Songhae’s hometown, is a veteran broadcaster who has hosted ‘Morning Courtyard’ and ‘TV Loaded with Love’ in the past. When Song Hae asked the successor of the ‘National Singing Contest’ on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’ in September last year, he said, “All of my juniors and people who play comedies are in that line.” In the KBS2 entertainment show ‘Immortal Song’, he said, “We had time to choose a successor during the 30th anniversary special of ‘National Singing Contest’. At that time, he became an ideal person, but 10 years have passed.”

There is also Lee Sang-yong (78), called ‘Popeye’. In the past, he performed the ‘stage of friendship’ for a long time and received a lot of love. In last year’s ‘National Singing Contest’, Songhae said, “Before Lee Sang-byeok, there was also Popeye Lee Sang-yong.” When asked who he thought of as the successor of the ‘National Singing Contest,’ he said, ‘I’m the one who decides. When I said ‘The viewer is the owner’, I said, ‘Is that me?’ He said However, Lee Sang-yong said, ‘I gave up because I thought I was going to leave the world before my brother,'” he said.

Broadcaster Lee Soo-geun (47), who is showing off his wit while hosting JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ and KBS JOY’s ‘Ask Anything’, is also being mentioned. Song Hae appeared on KBS2’s ‘Kim Seung-woo’s Victory’, which aired in 2010, and when asked which of Kang Ho-dong, Lee Kyung-gyu, and Yoo Jae-suk would be the next MC, he said, “No,” and “Lee Soo-geun is the best.” She continued, explaining about Lee Soo-geun, “He has a talent for wittily when he encounters a sudden moment.”

Some viewers want a singer Chan-won Lee (26) who has a deep relationship with Song Hae. Chan-won Lee, who showed off his high-level performance and wit in a number of entertainment shows, revealed his relationship with the ‘National Singing Contest’ in the past ‘Immortal Songs’ and said, “My goal is to be a special MC for the 40th anniversary of the ‘National Singing Contest'”, and in 2020, A petition recommending Chan-won Lee as a special MC for the 40th anniversary special of ‘Singing Proud’ was posted on the petition board of the KBS Viewers’ Rights and Interest Center. To this, KBS replied, “If there is a plan that can bring Chan-won Lee’s personality well in the future, we will consider participating as a special MC.”

In addition, Chan-won Lee revealed a unique connection with Song Hae in ‘Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook’ in January. Lee Chan-won, who appeared in the ‘National Singing Contest’ 4 times in elementary school, middle school, high school, and university, said, “Song Hae interprets that my name shines brilliantly without any fuss. He also revealed that our parents run a cafe in Songhae Park.” He also appeared as a young man Songhae in the musical performance ‘Thank you, Songhae’, which was broadcast as a special project for this year’s Lunar New Year.

In addition, composer Lee Ho-seop (63), who is currently in charge of the biweekly ‘National Singing Contest’ special broadcast with Song Hae, is also mentioned as a successor MC. Ho-seop Lee, who created a number of hit songs such as ‘Together Cha Cha Cha’ and ‘Chalang Chalang’, draws attention in that he has been a member of the jury for the ‘National Singing Contest’ for a long time.

Song Hae, born in 1927, is the oldest active broadcaster in Korea and debuted in 1955 with the Changgong Theater Company. He has been leading ‘National Singing Pride’ for 34 years since 1988.

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