national team rider Cable Champ Road ‘Chaniporn-Warinthorn-Methasit’ Road-Mountain in Thong Pha Phum

Road bike race Thailand Championship Win the Royal Cup “King Bhumibol” and the mountain bike race Thailand Championship Win the Royal Cup His Majesty the King of the Year 2023, Field 1, between 27-29 January at Vajiralongkorn Dam Thong Pha Phum District Kanchanaburi For the opening ceremony of the road race, the road race on January 29 at the Vajiralongkorn Dam helipad. honored by Chavalit Kankham Mr Director of Vajiralongkorn Dam He presided over the ceremony, with Weerapol Saraphot, head of the Operations Division The reporter is Vajiralongkorn Dam

Chavalit Kankham Mr The Director of Vajiralongkorn Dam revealed that Vajiralongkorn Dam is proud to have the opportunity to co-host the Thailand Road and Mountain Bike Championships. Compete for the 1st Royal Cup, which is set to be a beautiful bike race track. in the middle of nature There is a fresh and cool atmosphere. Cyclists will experience the forest, fog and mountains, while the cycle path has steep slopes and curves that require high skills, which are very challenging for athletes. In the coming years, if the Country Cycling Sports Association Thai Honor Vajiralongkorn Dam and Thong Pha Phum Municipality Co-host another competition Vajiralongkorn Dam is ready to welcome cyclists from all over the country.

Although the results of the road competition, the Road Race programme, interesting models are as follows: Women’s General Model (distance 52.50 km) No. 1 ST Women Chaniphon Batriya, Thai national cyclist from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, for 1.41.11 hours and is a double champion in this 1st field. After winning the programThe time trial has arrived.

Model under 23, female (distance 52.50 km) No. 1 Miss Kamonrada Khaoplod, Thai national cyclist from the team Walailak A-Bike Nakhon Si Thammarat for 1.49.01 hours and he is the second champion of this field after winning the championship.Time Trial from the other day,

Female Youth Model (distance 42 km.) No. 1 Miss Supannikar Chandra (PUMBIKE) time 1.34.18 hours

Youth male version (distance 52.50 km.) No. 1, Mr Tinphat Muangdet (Fisherman’s Friend, Chiang Mai) time 1.29.29 hours,

Male Youth Model (distance 42 km.) No. 1 Mr. Thanapat Sakuntrang (Main 19– Prachinrat Amrung School)

Male public version (distance 63 km.) No. 1 Gen. Nopchai Klahan (Air Force bike) time 1.43.00 hours

Model under 23 years old, male (distance 63 km) No. 1 Gen. Nopchai Klahan (Air Force bike) time 1.43.00 hours,

Although the result of the Mountain Tiger program The list of eliminations is as follows: male public version The championship goes to “Bass” Mr. Methasit Boonsane, the Thai national rider of the team. Lomocycle Veetireco Nong Prue Municipality which is to win a double championship in this field After winning the Cross Country Class B Went on January 28, 2nd place, Polchat Nakthong, from the Royal Navy team. Kaze Custom Factory Team and 3rd place Kim Menglong, Cambodia’s national cyclist

The Female People’s Generation “Nong Ploy” Ms Warintorn Phetpraphan Thai national cyclists from the Fishermen’s Friends team-Amorn bike Nakhon Si Thammarat Cycling Club successfully won the championship And this is the second championship after winning the cross country program. Class A Here comes, 2nd place “Petch” Lieutenant Colonel Ying Wipawee Dikabales, Thai national cyclist from the Royal Thai Air Force Cycling Team and 3rd place Miss Thanaporn Haman from Team Phi. Sherman Friend-Amorn bike Nakhon Si Thammarat Cycling Club, while Ms. Ken Malai, Cambodia’s national cyclist, in 6th place The results of each competition can be tracked on the Cycling Sports Association website. www.thaicycling.or.ed

for the Road Cycling Championship of Thailand Win the Royal Cup “King Bhumibol” and mountain bikes of the Thailand Championship Win the King’s Cup for the year 2023. Field 2 will be held on February 17-19 in Songkhla Province. Athletes wishing to apply for the competition can register on the Cycling Sports Association website. www.thaicycling.or.ed from now on And applications close on Wednesday, February 16 at 12:00 noon Athletes can follow the details on the association’s website. or inquire at Tel.0-2719-3340-2 during official days and hours.

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