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San Siro
The first semi-final of the UEFA Nations Cup is today. The first semi-final is between Euro Cup champions Italy and Spain. The second semi-final will be played on Thursday between Belgium and France. Spain’s goal is to replace the defeat in the Euro Cup semi-final. It was in the shootout that Italy beat Spain in the Euros. They beat England in the final and became champions.

Roberto Mancini’s team is jumping undefeated. Italy finished 37 games unbeaten. Louis Enrique, on the other hand, is under pressure. The poor performances of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish league also affected the national team. Last week, both teams lost in the Champions League and the Spanish League.

Barcelona midfielder Pedri will not be available today. Marcos Laurent is also injured. Seventeen-year-old Gavi is likely to land in the Spanish midfield. Italy is a strong team. The Italian squad, which includes Marco Verratti, Federico Chiesa, Nicolo Barella and Giorgino, will challenge Spain.

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