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Nationwide Star IV︱ Sister Hua named Sha Sha Gao as a MIRROR member (17:28)-20211030-SHOWBIZ

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ViuTV “Nationwide Stars IV” premiered next Monday (November 1). The contestants attended the press conference today with mentors Xu Tingkeng and Liang Zuyao, as well as program producer Hua (Huang Huijun) and women’s team manager Dai Ying. Sister Hua is optimistic about Peisha Sakabe (Sasha) and Shen Zhenqiao (Gao) by name. She said: “Sasha looks like a member of a girl group, and has a “sick” personality. It reminds me of Edan (Lu Jue’an). Special love. A Gao has a pair of driving ears, and when dancing like Lokman (Yang Lewen), I like it. There are also two 16-year-old sisters who come to record with their homework and admire them very much.”

Sasa, who was praised by Sister Hua’s name, said, “I’m surprised. I don’t think I’m a big fan. I don’t communicate much with Sister Hua on weekdays, but I think she’s very nice, different from what I see on TV. She hasn’t bothered me. She will also teach us. (Is she included in the list of concubines?) Don’t dare to be, all the contestants are very good.” Zeng Yeqiao (Shao Mai) is in Form 5 and once took homework to make a video, but in the end he couldn’t do it. She confessed that it would be difficult to balance both schoolwork and competition, but it was not the most difficult for the time being.

Xia Zijuan, Fang Zhixin (Fang Fang), and Zheng Jiaxin (Christine) participated in “Star Making III”. They don’t think there will be countless participation in the meeting, but the pressure is even greater.

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