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Naver “I will take action on personnel of the executives and the head of the organization in question”

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I gave testimony from former and current employees yesterday that the responsibility for the death of a Naver team leader-level developer lies with the top-level Naver manager.

Naver today suspended the executives responsible for this incident and promised a thorough investigation.

First, reporter Lee Yoo-kyung covered it.

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4pm yesterday.

The Risk Management Committee, consisting of three outside Naver directors, was held.

The committee recommended the suspension of the duties of the executive accused of harassment in the workplace, and the chief operating officer Choi In-hyuk, who dismissed the concerns of the team leaders about the executive.

Naver’s management today accepted this recommendation and decided to suspend the duties of the two executives.

The Risk Management Committee also said, “We have selected an external agency that can conduct an objective and fair investigation, and we will transparently share the entire process with the labor-management council.”

Naver CEO Han Sung-sook sent an email to all employees today.

Representative Han said, “I will proceed with follow-up measures when the decision of the Risk Management Committee is made according to the results of the investigation.”

Employees also clarified their point that the deceased’s internal accounts and records were deleted as soon as the deceased died.

Representative Han explained, “The reason that the employee search is not possible is to proceed with the retirement process,” and said, “All information such as e-mail and messenger is maintained.”

We also promised to improve the recruitment process, leadership, and overall evaluation system.

However, Naver’s union urged again to “a thorough investigation without sanctuary for the person in charge,” saying, “It is a situation where members do not trust the fairness of the management side.”

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Naver’s union also demanded that CEO Han Sung-sook apologize to the bereaved family, but today, CEO Han’s email did not contain an apology.

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