‘’ was completely cheated… He won a fake site that stole 80 million

There are reports that a fake site with the same screen and address as Naver Pay, a payment platform made by Naver, is being used for fraud. In the last few days alone, dozens of victims have been identified.

Reporter Won Jong-jin.

It was the beginning of my misfortune to buy a tablet PC at a slightly cheaper price for my daughter’s birthday present.

[피해자 : 저희 큰딸이 학업 성적도 우수하게 나오고, 생일이라서 생일선물로 아이패드가 필요하다고 해서 검색을 했는데, 중고 물품에서 맨 앞에 (노출이 되더라고요.)]

A seller who posted on a second-hand trading cafe says he even received Naver verification.

When I contacted them via messenger, I suggested that I make a secure transaction through Naver Pay.

[피해자 : 에스크로 (안전거래) 서비스로는 사고가 거의 나지 않거든요. 저는 네이버페이에서도 그러한 기능이 있는 줄 (알았어요.)]

After that, the seller sent an address starting with, and the Naver logo is also exposed under the address.

When he clicked on the address, from the appearance to the banner ad, a screen appeared almost identical to the Naver Pay payment screen, and Mr. Kim provided personal information such as the delivery address.

[피해자 : 입력을 하고 주문하기를 하니까 제 개인정보를 (사기범이) 저한테 보여주면서 ‘입금하시면 지금 바로 택배 포장하겠습니다’….]

Putting aside all his doubts, Mr Kim sent the money to the account listed at the bottom of the website.

[피해자 : 앞에는 김○○, 뒤에는 주식회사 네이버페이라고 나와서 저는 네이버페이에 있는 김○○ 소비자의 가상계좌로 생각을 할 수밖에 없었습니다.]

However, the site was a fake phishing site with a similar address and screen.

Over 70 people have been cheated and suffered damage over the last five days, and the amount of damage has been gained over 80 million.

[홍종호/네이버파이낸셜 PR 팀장 : 피싱 사이트를 통한 사기에 대해 적발 및 신고, 계좌 차단 등 적극 조치하고 있고요, 특히 사용자분들께서도 주의사항을 참고해 정상적인 URL 주소인지 확인해보시길 당부드립니다.]

Although complaints from victims have been received at police stations across the country, it is known that the seller continues to sell goods in a similar way, so there is concern about further damage.

(Video commentary: Kang Dong-cheol, video editing: Lee Seung-jin)

We are pleased to inform you that the number of phishing scams impersonating secure Naver Pay transactions has increased recently.

In particular, be careful if the seller encourages secure transactions through external links or KakaoTalk when trading products.

1) Naver Pay ‘impersonated URL’: If the seller shows the following features during your own transaction, please check the precautions.

① When purchasing a product, please check whether the web page address (URL) is in ‘https’ and ‘’ format. The phishing website does not have a domain of the form ‘’ as in the example below.

eg) Normal secure payment transaction page:…

Abnormal secure payment transaction page:,

② Naver Pay secure transactions are not sent via email, so be careful when impersonating emails.

③ If the seller requests a deposit using Naver Pay’s ‘bankbook deposit’ payment method, please make sure to check that the account holder’s number is ‘Naver Pay’. In Naver Pay, the name of the account holder is set as “Naver Pay” when ordering money without a bank book, and the service is not provided under the name of the individual account holder.

Example) Normal Naver Pay account holder name: Naver Pay

Abnormal Naver Pay account holder name: Love Naver Pay, Naver Pay 123, etc.

④ Check if the menu or location of the login screen and payment information is awkward or if illegal advertisements are exposed. If there are awkward or illegal ads, compare the URL and the screen on a normal Naver page (

⑤ Be careful when presenting the product purchase page through personal chat (cafe chat, mobile messenger, etc.). Scammers encourage login/payment by building and distributing a Naver-like page. Note that you must proceed through the payment window linked to the normal Naver page.

⑥ If you suspect it is a fraudulent URL, login by entering your ID/PW as a random value on the login page. In the case of a fraudulent URL, it is possible to log in through a wrong ID/PW because the correct ID/PW cannot be distinguished.

⑦ If you suspect that your login ID has been stolen during transactions, please inquire about payment details at ‘1588-3816’ (Payment Theft Report) and contact each credit card company/communication company.

⑧ For second-hand transactions, it is recommended that you look for fraud damage in Cybercop and The Cheat of the National Police Agency.

– National Police Agency Cyber ​​Guard:


Similar websites report to investigative agencies and KISA, and linked accounts work to prevent recurrence, such as blocking transactions.


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