Navya for starting a new venture; Greetings fans

Navya Nair is an actress who has become an audience favourite. The actor returned with the film Uruthi. All the details shared by the actor who is also active on social media is fast becoming viral.

Now Navya is also active in dancing. Navya’s dance got a lot of attention during the Onam celebrations in Thiruvananthapuram. Now the news is coming out that Navya is starting her own dance school. Navya informed herself about this through her social media page on the day school started.

‘I am starting a dance school called Matangi. The opportunity is now given to selected children. My guru, Manu Master, tells me such an idea,’ says Navya. Navya noted that only a few students were selected to give more attention. Many people came to wish the star.

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