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Navya Nair on Vineeth and Dhyan Sreenivasan throwback interview

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Navya answers questions about what Dhyan said in an old interview

Vineeth Sreenivasan and Dhyan Sreenivasan are brothers who have gained a lot of attention among the young stars of Malayalam cinema. An old-fashioned interview of Vineet and Dhyan with his father and mother was recently noticed on social media.

In the 15-year-old video, Kunju Dhyan told Navya Nair, one of the busiest heroines of the day, that he had a crush. These dialogues went viral on social media.

Now Navya Nair’s reply to this video clip is noteworthy. Navya was responding to questions from the media when she came out of the theater after watching the movie “Star”.

When asked by a journalist if she had seen Dhyan’s video and what her opinion was, Navya initially replied in a single word, “Happy.” Navya later said the rest of the reply.

“I saw that video clip. It’s been full on my WhatsApp for two or three days. Dhyan may now be thinking, ‘Oh, I should have said that,’ “Navya said.

Dhyan’s talk of opening up about their favorite heroines was hilarious. In the video, Kunju Dhyan said that he liked actress Navya Nair but fell in love with her after seeing some posters with Prithviraj on the silver screen.

“Did you want to marry Navya?” Dhyan answers Srinivasan’s question that there was, and now there is not. Chetan loved actress Meera Jasmine very much and do you have any problem with Meera Jasmine coming as stepmother? Dhyan says that Chettan had asked him. The video also shows Vineet listening to his sister’s talk and occasionally correcting that I was joking.

Dhyan adds that in his father’s films, he likes old-fashioned films like Nadodikattu, Mazha Peyinnu Maddalam Kottu, Pattanapravesham and Akkareyoru Maran and he does not like any of the recent films. Kochu Dhyan’s assessment is that his father’s acting is going down now.

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