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Navya Nair with photos from Cherai Beach!

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Navya Nair is an actress who always finds time to share her experiences with her fans. Navya tells her fans not only about the movie but also about her own joys. Navya Nair’s photos are making waves online. Now, the fans have taken a photo of Navya Nair from Cherai beach. The photo was shared by Navya Nair herself. The photo was taken with the beauty of the beach.

The caption reads, “Those who are curious about adventure are lucky.” The sea can also be seen in the photo of Navya Nair. Many fans have commented on the photo expressing their love for Navya Nair. Some people also talk about the beauty of Cherai beach seen in the photo. Navya Nair has shared similar photos before. Like the previous films, this one has been taken over by the fans.

Navya Nair is all set to play the lead role in the movie Oruthi.

The film is directed by VK Prakash.

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