Nawat opens her heart after clearing Ingfah, Miss Grand Thailand 2022

Yesterday, the first time I met Ingfah, we talked. Are you okay with the deal?

Nawat : Okay, this is the deal on the table to continue our journey. Today I will manage the younger brother directly. For example, this morning the secretary took him to the hospital. After the hospital, I must know. She now takes the company car to the walking and dancing practice area.

What are you going to hospital to do?

Nawat : This is something that many people can know. Because I was starting to wonder if I had mixed depression or not, so I went and checked already. care must be taken I am a straight talker. I am a person who does not hide Because of these things I would hide or lie. Because of these things, people they know get them. So, we go straight back. I want to tell the police that things that happen will make a person worse in any way. I try to say everything even get better by needing medical treatment Borrowed Psychology by having to go down to work alone You think without you in the early days. We have been crowned for 3 months Our lives are happy. Since you came in, you have made it so difficult for everyone to go to the doctor. If you still have a little heart, remember to cooperate. Or stop making others suffer. I think it’s your charity. Because suffering will lead to your own life Not good at all, this too must be left. I told the younger brother for a moment, today, don’t go live. to clear the brain Today, you can post on Instagram. Today we have to speak like this.

There are some fans who hope for Ingfah and feel very disappointed with this. Explain to this group of people. How can we get back to loving each other like before?

Nawat : For those who are still continuing with the younger ones. I have to thank People who are still priceless and don’t go on, or sulk or are dissatisfied with something like this. I didn’t force Just to give the younger brother a chance to show his potential how much he can do. She is now an entertainer. Do you still make you happy? I would like to give my sister a chance too. The best thing in life for all of us is not money, not words, nothing. So, once we take the opportunity back, everyone is like an element of opportunity. Don’t forget to give this to your brothers and sisters too. The word opportunity becomes air. And then we’ll talk about it again

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